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Biomarker Development Research Interests

Dr. Mary Rusckowski is Director of the Small Animal Imaging CORE Facility here at UMass Chan Medical School.  Her research focuses on small-animal molecular imaging and biomarker development. Her interests include:

  • Radiolabeled bacteriophages for infection detection.
  • Identifying and developing anti-tumor specific peptides from phage peptide libraries.
  • Applications of small radiolabeled oligomers antisense to bacterial or fungal rRNA to detect bacterial or fungal infections.

Dr. Guozheng Liu’s research interests are in radiopharmaceutical development that involves radiolabeled agents and their evaluations both in vitro and in vivo. These agents are for disease detection, life process tracing, or tumor radiotherapy. Dr. Liu and his team have synthesized and evaluated numerous radiolabeled compounds, including production of commercial radiopharmaceuticals and the patented  99mTc-N,N’-bis(aminoethyl)-propane-diamine hexaacetic acid as kidney imaging agent that has generated excellent clinical results. The team is also in the midst of creating a pretargeting system that employs a pair of morpholino oligomers (MORF/cMORF). Tumor cells and islets are being considered as targets primarily for tumor imaging, tumor therapy and pancreatic islet detection with different labels.