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Thanks and Praise for Jean Vigliotti

Jean VigliottiA letter of thanks and praise for Jean Vigliotti, Administrative Assistant for the School in the Department of Radiology.

Dear Max and Randa,

I wanted to take a moment and send my praise for the hard work and dedication of Jean Vigliotti.  She is always warm, welcoming, and willing to help.  Jean has been going above and beyond to help lately, and I wanted you to know!  

Over the last few weeks, I needed assistance with onboarding for the 13 summer students working in our Summer Anatomy Enrichment Program. Jean was very instrumental in this process, which was new and quite complicated this year. In addition to coordinating student submissions of the necessary forms, it also involved reaching out to several people for clarification and further information for this new process.  Jean was extremely attentive to detail, resourceful in figuring out the answers, persistent when met with challenges, all while staying calm and collected to complete this within the tight timeframe. She went above and beyond and I appreciate all she did to make this a smooth process for me and the students.

Again, I cannot thank Jean enough for all of her hard work and wanted you to be aware of all her great efforts!

Warmest regards,

Eustathia Lela Giannaris, PhD
Associate Professor
Division of Translational Anatomy
Department of Radiology