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Jean-Marc Gauguet Honored by Pediatric Residents

2020 Pediatric Residents Graduating Class – Faculty Teaching Award

Jean-Marc Gauguet, MD, Division Chief Pediatric Radiology, UMass Chan Medical SchoolThe 2020 graduating class of pediatric residents presented Dr. Jean-Marc Gauguet with the Faculty Teaching Award during their recent graduation ceremonies. Dr. Gauguet was pleased by the award and stated, "it is a great honor when you consider how many pediatricians and subspecialists interact with the pediatric residents. I think it is also a great testament to how well the Pediatric Radiology Division as a whole works with and interacts with our referring clinical colleagues."

Dr. Gauguet is the Division Chief of Pediatric Radiology. When asked about teaching interactions with pediatric residents he said "prior to COVID-19 we would have several pediatric residents a year spend a few weeks in the reading room with us to observe our day-to-day workflow and the various procedures we perform on patients. This is a great opportunity for them to better understand and learn about the studies they are ordering on their patients. I was running monthly teaching rounds with the residents where we would discuss interesting patients and their imaging findings. The pedi division strongly encouraged residents to visit the reading room to discuss their patients and their imaging findings.

Since COVID-19 restrictions started, myself and the other pedi attendings have been running daily virtual Zoom rounds with the residents and inpatient attendings. This has been very well received as an alternative to in person visits to the reading room that we've had to limit. There are typically 5-10 attendees, which include attendings, residents and medical students. The medical students are both on pediatrics rotations and on radiology rotations. These virtual rounds have allowed us to continue to engage the medical students as COVID-19 has forced their learning opportunities with us to move out of the reading room and into a virtual environment."

Congratulations Dr. Gauguet!