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PAIRR Laboratory

The PAIRR (Pulmonary Artificial Intelligence and Radiomics Research) Laboratory is a research unit of the Department of Radiology at UMass Memorial Medical Center and UMass Chan Medical School. Its mission is to develop, test, and implement innovative technology based on Artificial intelligence (AI) and Radiomics in the field of respiratory imaging. 

The core research projects of the PAIRR Laboratory are based on accuracy and efficiency testing of novel AI and radiomics technologies. Additional research is focused on evaluating novel approaches to using these technologies, for example by combining or blending algorithms. Efficiency testing revolves around clinical algorithm implementation and the associated impact on work-flow and costs. Finally, a branch of research aims to develop and test mechanisms and metrics to quantify the “added-value” of novel technology to the clinical radiology workplace, and to analyze the increasing complexity of information generated by this technology. 

Located in the Radiology Department of UMass Chan Center and UMass Chan Medical School, the PAIRR Laboratory provides office and research space equipped with high-end IT and computational infrastructure. This space serves as a hub for multidisciplinary interaction and creativity. Facilities are connected to the numerous core basic and translational research laboratories under the umbrella of Radiology and have access to the clinical facilities of the department. This allows unhindered communication between research and clinical domains and promotes seamless translation of scientific innovation into clinical practice. 

The PAIRR Laboratory has privileged relations with several major players in AI and radiomics research and application development. Based on Center-of-Excellence (COE) agreements, these relations give the PAIRR Laboratory access to cutting-edge technology and to early testing, translation, and clinical implementation of devices and algorithms. 

For questions regarding the PAIRR Laboratory, please contact alexander.bankier@umassmemorial.org.