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Current Grants

NIH R01 DK094199: Islet Imaging with Monoclonal Antibodies

Project period: 09/15/2011-08/31/2015

A clearance step is to be added to the pretargeting approach (UMass efforts). A unique islet cell ablation model and a co-registration technique of 3-D tomographic optical image with nuclear image are used to delineate the pancreatic target after pretargeting (Vanderbilt efforts). Colleagues from other departments and institutes: Dale Greiner, PhD, Professor and Co-director of Diabetes Center of Excellence, UMass Memorial; Alvin Powers, MD, Director of Diabetes Center, Endocrinology and Metabolism and Professor of Medicine, Molecular Physiology and Biophysics, Vanderbilt University; and Philip Streeter, Ph D, Professor and Director, Oregon Stem Cell Center, Oregon Health & Science University.

InviCRO, LLC, Boston, MA: Radiolabeling and Pharmacokinetics of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Agents by Imaging

2008 – present

Radiolabeling of potential diagnostic and therapeutic compounds for assessment of biodistribution and pharmacokinetics by SPECT/CT or PET imaging.

Thrasos Innovation, Montreal, QC: Radiolabeling and Pharmacokinetics of Protein Agents

2000 - present

The goal is to investigate the radiology of the specified agents, their stability in-vitro and distribution in animal models.

Biogen Idec, Corp., Cambridge, MA: Radiolabeling and Pharmacokinetics of Protein Agents by Imaging 

2005 – present

The goal is to investigate the pharmacokinetic evaluation of potential drug candidates in small animal models