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Police/Department of Public Safety

Location: UMass Memorial Medical Center - University Campus: Visitor/Patient Parking Garage Main Level
Emergency (Police and Fire):
911 (This will ring directly to the UMass Police Dept. from all school and hospital phones).
Non Emergency: 508-856-3296
Personnel: Clanford L. Pierce, Jr., Chief of Police

The University of Massachusetts Police Department is responsible for all routine and emergency police and security matters at the University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center, University Campus.

Police personnel are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Services provided by the department include all aspects of law enforcement and security matters.

University of Massachusetts Police Officers patrol both inside and outside the Medical School and the Hospital and are trained to respond to a variety of situations. All police officers have completed police training at a municipal police academy approved by the Commonwealth and have the same police powers as a city or town police officer. Should emergency police or fire assistance be needed, students should call 911 (this will ring directly to the University of Massachusetts Police Department from all school and hospital phones). For business or non-emergency situations, students should call 508-856-3296.

Calling 911 from a cell phone in Massachusetts will connect the caller to the regional emergency dispatch center. The call will be re-routed to the appropriate police agency at that time.

Upon request, University of Massachusetts police officers will provide escorts to employees and students to their vehicles after dark.  This is a service that medical students are encouraged to use.

The University of Massachusetts Police Department sponsors “R.A.D” - an internationally taught self-defense training class specifically designed for women. The police officers who teach this class are certified instructors. To put your name on our R.A.D. class notification list please send an email to:  You will be contacted prior to the next scheduled class.

The hospital utilizes the PA system for specific incidents that occur within the hospital building. A CODE PINK is the emergency alert and response signal at the hospital for the potential or actual abduction of an infant or child, (patient or visitor). During a Code Pink, it is important that all staff and students assist with the monitoring of hospital/ school locations and report any suspicious activity to University Police.

A CODE SILVER is used for immediate threats on campus involving a handgun or shooting situation. Information related to responding to a Code Silver can be found on the Department of Public Safety and Emergency Management website.

For additional codes and information on response to emergencies that may affect you, please refer to the Medical School Emergency Management Web Site at:  This site also includes information on how you will be notified of an emergency and how you can update your contact information.

Students will be issued an identification card for access to areas within the school and hospital and should have it visible at all times. It is important to report a lost or stolen card to the Police as well as the Card Access Office at 508-856-5934.

Parking enforcement is carried out by the Parking and Access Control Department. Those who wish to appeal parking tickets can do so through the Office of the Parking Clerk at 508-856-2720. Chapter 20A-1/2 of the Massachusetts General Laws provides fines for the destruction of parking tickets. In addition, failure to pay parking fines may result in Registry of Motor Vehicle actions which could affect drivers’ licenses and registration renewal.

Motor Vehicle registration/inspection/licenses: For information on owning, registering and operating motor vehicles in the Commonwealth refer to: Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles at

This content is current to the 2021-2022 Student Handbook.