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Student Groups/Organizations

UMass Chan has a wide array of opportunities for students to participate in. These include interest groups, free clinics and educational experiences.

A complete listing of all UMass Chan student groups/organizations can be found on the Student Affairs website at:

Learn about the Student Body Committee (SBC) is the administrative arm of the student government:

For information about starting a new student group, go to: Students/UMASS%20SBC%20Common%20Forms/New%20Organization%20Form%202%20(1).pdf

For information about requesting funding for an approved student group: Students/UMASS%20SBC%20Common%20Forms/SBC_FUNDING%20REQUEST%20FORMv4%20(2).pdf

If you need to change the Faculty Advisor for your Student Group: Students/UMASS%20SBC%20Common%20Forms/SBC_FORM_Change%20of%20Advisor_v1%20(1).pdf

This content is current to the 2021-2022 Student Handbook.