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Diversity and Inclusion Office (DIO)

Location: H1-710 - First floor
Telephone: 508-856-2179

The Diversity and Inclusion Office leads and fosters university-wide efforts to embrace the diversity of the UMass Chan community and maintain an environment in which students can learn and thrive. Students are welcome to participate in DIO events and activities. These activities build a strong UMass Chan community through collaboration, service, and fun.

The office also works to maintain a learning environment that is safe, civil, and free of all forms of harassment and discrimination. Students have special legal protections against sex and gender-based discrimination under Title IX. To inform students of these rights and support resources, a comprehensive online resource has been created to guide individuals who witness or experience sexual assault and violence on campus or during any activity that is part of the educational program. This resource can be found at

There are additional important policies and guidelines that provide protections to students and guide expected behavior in a graduate school environment.

Appropriate Treatment of Learners: 

Civility Statement:

Class Show Guidelines:

Consensual Amorous Relationships:

Title IX Policy:

Any questions or assistance needed? Please contact the Diversity and Inclusion Office at 508-856-2179.

This content is current to the 2021-2022 Student Handbook.