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Mothers Rooms/ Breastfeeding/ Nursing Rooms

The Medical School has eight Mothers’ Rooms where breastfeeding mothers can go to feed their babies or pump breast milk.  The rooms are located: 

University Campus:

Location: Medical School Building - S6 100A & S6 100B; Sherman Center – AS5-1084

Equipment: The room is equipped with a hospital grade Medela Symphony breast pump.

Access: Send an email to (Parking Office)

Privacy: Only those given pass card access can enter the room.

Memorial Campus:

Location: Memorial 4
Access: Requires badge access which can be provided by coordinator ahead of time.

South Street Campus:

Location: Two private spaces located on the second floor of building 1-SHR 1-2 Equipment: Each room is equipped with a hospital grade Medela Symphony breast pump. Access: Employees need to email South Street Security to receive card access.

Privacy: The room locks when you close the door. There is a “Privacy” sign that you should put outside the door when in use. When finished, put the “privacy” sign inside the room.

Scheduling: When you receive access to the Mother’s Room, you are also granted access to the South Street Mother’s Room calendars on Outlook.

Worcester State Hospital:

Locations: BB2-204

Access: Contact Christine Bibeault, x62648.

Biotech IV:

Location: B4-314C

Equipment: The room is equipped with a hospital grade Medela breast pump. Access: Contact Denise Maclachlan, x68773 to schedule a time.

Schrafft Building, Boston:

Location: Office 3.635

Access: To reserve this room, call x56200 or, if unavailable x56067 and ask to reserve the Mother’s Room. 

MBL, Mattapan II Building:

Locations: Room 2034

Baystate Medical Center:

Locations: BMC- Springfield, S1404B, Holyoke- Whitney 2003A, 280 Chestnut- 3rd Floor lounge/ladies room

Access: Contact BMC Lactation Services at 413-794-5312.  Each of these rooms is equipped with a hospital grade electric breast pump and personal kits can be purchased from Lactation Services.

Additional locations with specific access contacts:

BFMC, Obstetric Unit, equipped with an electric pump.  Contact the unit, 413-773-2359,

BMLH- On the 4th floor Oncology, D406A.  The Security department can unlock the room for you. 413-967-2546.

Noble- 2W, Room 216.  The nursing supervisor or Security can unlock the room for you.

Wing - 1st floor, between café and OR. Someone in the café or Security (0-5154) can unlock the room for you. 

Milford Hospital:

Internal Medicine Location: There are rooms in second floor maternity available.  You need to contact the nurse supervisor a few days before rotation. 

OB/GYN Location: There is an unlocked room off to the side of the nursery.

St. Vincent’s:

Location: Center for Women and Infants room. No specific access required.


Location: on site

Access: Contact Susan Coughlin in Human Resources

Cape Cod Hospital:

Location: 2nd floor of hospital

Access: Contact Kim Gagnon or Donna Moran


To purchase accessories for the Medela Breast Pump, contact: Carol Matthewson, 508-752-9796

A supply of double Symphony sets is available. They are $40. Call Carol to arrange to pick it up. To order via the internet visit the sites below:

SelfExpressions Amazon
Medela Symphony Breast Pumps

Additional information can be found at:

This content is current to the 2021-2022 Student Handbook.