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Ryan Tai Presents at AMA Health Systems Summit

Ryan Tai, MD, Assistant Professor Radiology, UMass Chan Medical School

The AMA Health Systems Science Summit offered the wonderful opportunity to share the efforts that we have undertaken to teach our trainees topics related to healthcare disparities, diversity, and inclusion at the national level. We presented the DEI Chief Conference Series that Max and I held for the radiology trainees, where we went over a variety of topics including implicit bias, cultural competency and humility, healthcare disparities within radiology, variations in social determinants of health within our patient communities, and efforts to address health inequities. We also discussed the DEI Morbidity and Mortality Conference where we discussed cases in which patient care was less than optimal due to issues related to DEI and access. The conference also provided exciting opportunities to learn more about innovations in health system science from national leaders and network with other institutions.

Ryan Tai, MD
Assistant Professor Radiology
Associate Division Chief Muculoskeletal Imaging Division