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New Radiology Grants

Robert King, PhD
Development and determination of the brains tolerance to embolic showers using quantitative perfusion and diffusion imaging. Young Investigator award from the Society of Neuro Interventional Surgery (SNIS) to look at the impact of distal emboli after a mechanical thrombectomy procedure. $25,000. 8.1.23 to 7.31.24

Michael King, PhD
NIH sub award from University of Arizona. Development of a combined Gamma/Positron system for molecular imaging of the human brain at sub-500 micron spatial resolution. $292,194. 8.18.23 - 7.31.25.

Matthew Gounis, PhD
Computational and finite element modeling of bloodflow in cerebral aneurysm treatment to create accurate outcome predictions and develop an endovascular device testbed. University of Washington/NIH. $417,524. 7.1.23 to 6.30.27

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