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Holiday Gift Giving

holiday gift trees
Adina Laprade, Manager of Ultrasound, Matthew Geary, Manager of CT, Micah Levine, RT(R)(CT)

This holiday season the UMass Memorial Medical Center Radiology Department with the help of CT technologist Micah Levine and his wife Lisa we were able to impact the lives of 80 plus needy children in the local community. Trees with tags displaying the names of children and their desired holiday wishes were placed throughout the Radiology department on both the University and Memorial campuses. Staff had ten days to claim a tag or scan the QR code, purchase gifts and return to then be delivered to the MSPCC (Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children). In this short amount of time 80+ children were able to receive their desired holiday gift, and the gift of knowing there are compassionate and caring people in this world. Our staff became the “kindling that sparked change through one act of charity” this holiday season. What a team to be a part of!!!

holiday gifts distribution center
Gift drop off at the MSPCC on December 13, 2023