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There are a number of committees at the Medical School and UMass Memorial Health Care that recommend policies, programs, etc., within their charge. Most of these committees have student representatives who are chosen through the Appointments Subcommittee of the Student Body Committee. The SBC Bulletin Board will have sign-up lists for students interested in serving on these.

Students sit on these committees as full voting members, with rights and responsibilities equal to those of the faculty members. As the list below indicates, student representation exists on essentially all committees whose business pertains in any way to student interests. In addition, ad hoc committees convened by the administration generally include one or more student members. Also, a student from this campus is elected annually by the students to serve on the University of Massachusetts Board of Trustees. Only two student representatives from among the five University of Massachusetts campuses have voting rights in any given year.

The following is a list of the standing committees at UMass Chan along with the number of student representatives to be appointed and the Faculty Chair for each.



# of Student Representatives

Faculty Chair *

Admissions Committee Four medical students recommended by the SBC and appointed by the associate dean for admissions Dr. Mariann Manno
Core Clinical Experiences Committee One CCE med student One AS med student Dr. Anne Garrison
Council on Equal Opportunity & Diversity (CEOD) One student from each school Dr. Kenneth Peterson
Edith Cullen
Educational Policy Committee (EPC) Two medical students Dr. Vijay Vanguri
Ethical Treatment & Issues Committee One medical student Dr. Michael Ennis
Executive Council SGA chair only Dr. Mitchell Sokoloff
Faculty Council One president from each school’s student representative body Dr. Mitchell Bamberger
FOM1 Curriculum Committee Four 1st yr. students Dr. Susan Gagliardi
FOM2 Curriculum Committee Four 2nd yr. students Dr. Thomas Smith
Informational Technology Committee One student (elected by the SGA) Dr. Silvia Corvera
Learning Contract Advisory Group One medical student Dr. Sonia Nagy Chimienti
Library & Learning Resources One student per school appointed by the school’s student representative body Dr. Bruce Barton
Nominations Committee Chair of the SGA only Dr. Luanne Thorndyke
Student Health Advisory Two medical students Dr. Philip Fournier
Three Schools Committee Four students from each school Lisa Beittel, Faculty advisor
Women’s Faculty Committee One student per school appointed by the school’s student representative body Dr. Urvashi Upadhyay
Dr. Jill Zitzewitz

* Faculty Chairs are listed at the time of the printing of this handbook and are subject to change.

This content is current to the 2021-2022 Student Handbook.