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The electives listed below are available for self-service enrollment in Peoplesoft. Please contact Student Affairs if you have any issues with the online enrollment process.

 Department Number  Course Name   Type  Location 
Anesthesiology AN-400  Anesthesiology  B1 UMMHC-University Campus
  AN-401 * Pain Management  B1 UMMHC- Memorial Campus
  AN-406 Surgical Critical Care  B1 UMMHC- Memorial Campus
Dermatology DE-411 * Clinical Dermatology B1 UMMHC-Hahnemann Campus
  DE-430 * Pediatric Dermatology B1 UMMHC - Hahnemann Campus
Emergency Medicine EM-404 Emergency Medicine A St. Vincent Hospital at Worcester Medical Center
  EM-404 Emergency Medicine A Health Alliance - Leominster Hospital
  EM-404 Emergency Medicine A University (& Memorial)
  EM-4115 Emergency Medicine Ultrasound C UMMHC-University Campus
  EM-4131  Emergency Medicine Services (EMS)/Pre-Hospital Care  B1  UMMHC-University Campus  
  EM-4448 Introduction to Toxicology B2 UMMHC-University Campus
Family Medicine & Community Health FC-413 * Sports Medicine B1 Hahnemann Campus 
  FC-418 * Oral Health  B2 Various sites in and around Worcester
  FC-428 * Medical Writing and Evidence Based Medicine C University Campus
  FC-439  Correctional Medicine Inpatient Elective   B1  Lemuel Shattuck Hospital (Jamaica Plan) = LEMU 
  FC-445 On Leadership and Being a Medical Professional C UMMHC - University Campus
  FC-450 * Family Medicine Office Subintership  A HealthAlliance Fitchburg Family Practice
  FC-491  Principles & Practice of Preventive Medicine and Public Health C UMMHC-University & Mass. Dept of Public Health, Boston
Medicine ME-4102 Palliative Care Medicine B1 UMMHC-University & Memorial Campuses
  ME-406 * Cardiology  B1 St. Vincent Hospital at Worcester Medical Ctr.
  ME-406 Cardiology  B1 UMMHC-University
  ME-409 * Critical Care Medicine (Medical ICU)  A St. Vincent Hospital at Worcester Medical Ctr.
  ME-413 Clin/ Endo/Diabetes/Metabolism B1 UMMHC-University
  ME-416 Gastroenterology  B1 UMMHC- Memorial Campus
  ME-416 Gastroenterology  B1 UMMHC- University Campus
  ME-421 Hematology B1 St. Vincent Hospital at Worcester Medical Ctr.
  ME-423* Infectious Disease  B1 University/Memorial Campuses
  ME-423 Infectious Disease  B1 MetroWest Medical Center
  ME-423 Infectious Disease  B1 St. Vincent Hospital at Worcester Medical Ctr.
  ME-425 Nephrology  B1 St. Vincent Hospital at Worcester Medical  Ctr.
  ME-425 Nephrology  B1 UMMHC-University
  ME-430 Medical Oncology  B1 St. Vincent Hospital at Worcester Medical Ctr.
  ME-431 Primary Care/Internal Medicine  B1 UMMHC-University
  ME-433 Pulmonary Medicine  B1 St. Vincent Hospital at Worcester Medical Ctr.
Neurosurgery NS-402 Neurosurgery B1 UMMHC-University & Affiliated
OB/GYN OB-400 Perinatal Medicine  A UMMHC - Memorial Campus
  OB-409 * Reproductive Endocrinology/ Infertility/Menopause  B1 UMMHC - Memorial Campus
  OB-410 Gynecologic Oncology  B1 UMMHC - Memorial Campus
  OB-411 Urogynecology  B1 UMMHC - Memorial Campus
  OB-432 * Flexible Elective in Obstetrics & Gynecology  B1 UMMHC - Memorial Campus
Ophthalmology OP-486 * Introduction to Ophthalmology B2 UMMHC - Hahnemann Campus
Orthopedics OR-400 Orthepedic Subintership A UMMHC - University Campus
  OR-401 Musculoskeletal Diseases B1 UMMHC-University
Otolaryngology OT-410 Otolaryngology B1 UMMHC-University & Affiliated
Pathology PA-421  * Surgical Pathology  B2 Biotech 3
Pediatrics PE-403 Pediatric Intensive Care Subinternship  A UMMHC-University 
  PE-407 Pediatric Cardiology  B1 UMMHC-University
  PE-409 * Pediatric Endocrinology/Diabetes  B1 UMMHC-University
  PE-410 * Pediatric Hematology/Oncology  B1 UMMHC-University
  PE-411 Pediatric Infectious Disease  B1 UMMHC-University
  PE-414 * Pediatric Pulmonology  B1 UMMHC-University
  PE-418 * Adolescent Medicine  B1 UMMHC-University
  PE-422 * Pediatric Nephrology  B1 UMMHC-University
  PE-446 Pediatric Genetics  B1 UMMHC-University
  PE-447 Pediatric Neurology  A UMMHC-University
  PE-457 * Pediatric Gastroenterology & Nutrition  B1 UMMHC-University
  PE-493 * Child Protection Program  B2 UMMHC-University 
Psychiatry PS-402 Subinternship/Public Sector Inpatient Psychiatry  A Psychiatry Treatment & Recovery Center
  PS-407 Clinical Neuropsychiatry  B1 Rotating Sites
  PS-423 Subinternship in Adult Inpatient Psychiatry  A UMMHC-University
  PS-424 Subinternship in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry  A UMMHC-University
  PS-443 Methods in Behavioral Neuroscience  C UMMHC-University
  PS-444 * Community-Based Child and Adolescent Psychiatry B1 Multiple
  PS-453 Psychosomatic Medicine Sub I A UMMHC-University Campus
  PS-456 * Psychodynamic Psychiatry  B1 Austen Riggs Center
  PS-461 Mindfulness in Psychiatry  C UMMHC-University & Community
Radiology RA-400 Diagnostic Radiology C UMMHC-University Campus
  RA-402 Vascular/Interventional Radiology B2 UMMHC-University Campus
  RA-403 Modern Neuroradiologic Imaging B2 UMMHC-University Campus
  RA-422 Pediatric Radiology B2  UMMHC-University Campus
  XX-421 Clinical Nuclear Medicine C UMMHC-University Campus
Radiation Oncology RO-405 Clinical Radiation Oncology B2 UMMHC-University Campus
Surgery SU-401  General Surgery Subinternship  UMMHC- University & Memorial
  SU-403 * Pediatric Surgery  UMMHC-University Campus
  SU-404 * Surgical Intensive Care UMMHC-University & Affiliated
  SU-408  Colorectal Surgery UMMHC-Memorial Campus
  SU-412 Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery UMMHC-University & Hahnemann Campuses
  SU-413 Trauma Surgery A UMMHC-University Campus
  SU-415  Vascular & Endovascular Surgery UMMHC-University Campus
  SU-419  Surgical Oncology (Subinternship)  A UMMHC-Memorial Campus
  SU-426 Organ Donation    A UMass-Memorial Affiliated / N.E. Organ Bank
  SU-445 Solid Organ Transplantation & Hepatobiliary Surgery A UMMHC- University
  SU-465 Thoracic Surgery A UMMHC-Memorial Campus
  SU-471 Cardiac Surgery A UMMHC- University Campus
Urology UR-414 * Urologic Surgery B1 UMMHC-Memorial Campus
Various Department Based XX-4011* Teaching in Medicine: Physcial Diagnosis UMMHC- University Campus

*Denotes the possibility of a two week elective option. To schedule a 2 week elective, you must use the internal elective form to get approval by the coordinator and then have that form emailed to Student Affairs will manually add it to your schedule.

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