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Peoplesoft Online Enrollment FAQs

When will POE become active/available?

  • March 6, 2019 at 7pm
  • Your AS EVOS selections will appear on your schedule when you log in
  • Once you log in, you will be able to add electives to your schedule, at available times in your schedule
  • You will be able to add electives that are listed on your approved PEP

Can I double book myself?

  • No, the system will not let you to double book yourself; you can only add electives when you have free space in your schedule.
  • In order to add an elective, you must use free space or drop another elective to put something else into that slot

What if the elective that I want is full?

  • Once the elective is full, you will not be able to enroll directly, but will be placed on a waitlist; the system will tell you that you are waitlisted
  • When another student drops the elective, if you are on the waitlist, you will move into the slot and be notified of the availability
  • You may then choose to accept or drop the elective depending on your scheduling needs
  • This is not typically an issue, because you are all interested in different fields, and are looking at different electives

If my schedule changes later in the year, can I change my schedule (for example if I am granted an away rotation at a later time)?

  • You can change your schedule as much as you like, but you must adhere to a few rules:
    • UMMS policy states that you must allow at least 30 days advance notice in order to drop an elective; dropping an elective within 30 days of the start date requires approval from the elective coordinator (email the elective coordinator, let them know your reason for the late drop, and then proceed as directed) as well as Student Affairs
    • You must maintain at least 9 credits/semester to be considered fully enrolled; you cannot go below this level
    • You must be progressing towards your graduation requirements
    • You must add an elective at least 4 weeks before the start date; if it’s less than 4 weeks before an elective begins, you will need to request permission from the elective coordinator and the Office of Student Affairs in order for us to override the system to add it to your schedule.


Is there a time frame during which I should sign up for electives?

  • Yes, you should sign up beginning 3/6/19, and optimally, complete your initial selections before 4/9/19
  • After 5/1/19, we will open available elective slots to visiting students through VSLO, on a rolling basis
  • If you change your schedule after 5/1/19 and find that the elective you would like is not available, you will be placed on a waitlist for the elective and will be added if another student drops the elective

Are all electives available for POE?

  • While not all electives are available in POE, the majority of electives are available in POE
  • To browse all available electives, go to the OSA Electives Site; the listing will indicate when the elective you are interested in is available (which blocks). Keep in mind that the information posted right now still reflects the 18-19 academic year, as the current 4th year students are still choosing spring semester electives.
  • To see if your elective is available through POE, go to the OSA PeopleSoft Online Enrollment site, where you will find a list of POE electives; sign up online in PeopleSoft
  • If your elective is not listed as available through POE, check to see if it is an Approval Required Elective; if it is, you will sign up using the Internal Elective add/drop form, which is listed in the left nav on that page