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Senior Scholars Program

The Senior Scholars Program provides an opportunity for scholarly activities that serve not only as an introduction to the philosophy of research based on answering questions through hypothesis generation, information gathering, experimentation, and critical interpretation, but as a tool for growth in an evidence-based health care environment.

UMass Chan Senior Scholars have completed projects in all major fields of basic science, clinical medicine, epidemiology, and public health. Quality improvement projects, program evaluations, and medical education projects are also possible. Many students have presented their findings at local, regional or national meetings, serving as a platform for subsequent academic endeavors, including publications in peer-reviewed medical journals. Senior Scholars are asked to meet with their mentors at least bi-weekly to discuss the progress of their work. They are also asked to attend one meeting of the Senior Scholars Committee to present an update on their project and its findings. Each student is required to submit a written Abstract and participate in "Senior Scholars Presentation Day" (poster presentation) sharing ideas with medical school peers and faculty members.

Your research project must be approved by the Program Director before your elective months begin.

APRIL 28 2023 | cjb

Senior Scholars FAQs

Student e-Scholarship Archives

Program Director
Judy Savageau, MPH

(774) 442-6535
Benedict Bldg A3-203

Program Assistant
Nicole Albion
Education Program Specialist
Office of Undergraduate Medical Education
UMass Chan Medical School