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The Annual Massachusetts Department of Mental Health Research Centers of Excellence Conference Archive, 2012 - 2018

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2018 Research Conference Presentations & Posters:  Person-Centered Integrated Care

Conference Agenda & Presentation Slides

Download the 2018 DMH COE conference agenda       Implementing Person Centered Integrated Care
Marie Hobart
      Integrated Care: A Psychiatrist’s Perspective
Mark Viron
      Promoting Maternal Mental Health: Massachusetts Is Leading the Way
Nancy Byatt 
      LAMP: Learn, Assess, Manage, Prevent
John Torous


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Parents of Anxious Children: Pilot Open Trial
Madeline Levitt, Ashley Hart, Jacqueline Raftery-Helmer, Emelie Graebner, Phoebe Moore
  Access to Perinatal Mental Health Care: Patient and Provider Perspectives on MCPAP for Moms
Arielle Stopa, Padma Sankaran, Kathleen Biebel, Tiffany Moore Simas, Nancy Byatt
An Evidence-Based Referral System for Children and Youth with Trauma: Insights from an Implementation Study
Zlatina Kostova, Jessica L. Griffin, Jessica Dym Bartlett, Genevieve Kane-Howse, Crystaltina Montagna
  Connecting Mind and Body: Implementation of Online Health Literacy Tool for People with Serious Mental Illness
Len Levin, Zlatina Kostova, Joanne Nicholson, Kathleen Biebel, Elaine Martin
Consumer-Clinician Relationships in Mental Health: A Study Based on Lived Experience
Nicole Varca, Victoria Hendel, Christian Rosa Baez, Susan Landy, Linda Larson, Nathan Schwirian, Irving Wu, Melissa Alford, Jonathan Delman, Matcheri Keshavan, Larry Seidman, Raquelle Mesholam-Gately
  Creating the Capacity to Screen Deaf Women for Perinatal Depression
Kelly Wolf Craig, Melissa L. Anderson, Kathleen Biebel, Nancy Byatt
  Deaf ACCESS: Adapting Consent through Community Engagement and State-of-the-art Simulation
Melissa L. Anderson, Timothy Riker, Kelly Wolf Craig, Kurt Gagne, Stephanie Hakulin, Jonah Meehan, Emma Pici-D’Ottavio
  Modulation of P300 by Cognitive Enhancement Therapy in Early Course Schizophrenia
Kelly N. Farrell, Synthia Guimond, Yunxiang Tang, Luis Sandoval, Rosa Johnston, Jerred Endsley, Olivia Lutz, Shezal Padani, Shaun Eack, Matcheri S Keshavan
  New Approaches to Relapse Prediction in Schizophrenia: Preliminary Evidence for the Feasibility of Smartphones Digital Phenotyping
J. Torous, L. Sandoval, I. Barnett, P. Staples, J.P. Onnela, M. Keshavan
  Perinatal Mental Health Screening in the OB-GYN Clinic Record
Hannah Zwiebel, Maria Henriksen, Nicole Varca, Cindy H. Liu
  Post Suicide Related Care Successes of Patients Identified in the Emergency Department
Colette Houssan, Alexandra Morena, Celine Larkin, Rachel Davis-Martin, Edwin D. Boudreaux
  Predictors of Perceived Burden among Family Members of Youth Evaluated at a Specialized Clinical Program for Youth at Clinical High Risk for Psychosis
Michelle Friedman-Yakoobian, Emma M. Parrish,  Matthew Hagler, Anna Schwartz, Michelle L. West, Kim T. Mueser
  Psychotic-Like Experiences, Magical Thinking, Fantasy and Internalizing and Externalizing Behavior in a Family High-Risk Case-Control Study
Maria Henriksen, Cindy Liu, Elena Molokotos, Raquelle Mesholam-Gately, John Gabrieli, Susan Whitfield-Gabrieli, Matcheri Keshavan, Larry Seidman
  Rates of Positive Screens for Bipolar Disorder in Pregnant and Postpartum Women
Grace Masters, Tiffany Moore Simas, Linda Brenckle, Padma Sankaran, Linda Weinreb, Sharina Person, Kathleen Biebel, Jeroan Allison, Nancy Byatt
  Screening for Psychosis in Primary Care: Identifying a potential domain for early detection and intervention
Leda Kennedy, Joyce Cheng, Victoria Hendel, Emily Kline, Huijjun Li, Raquelle Mesholam- Gately, Joanne Wojcik, Robert McCarley, Jill M. Goldstein, Martha E. Shenton,  Lawrence Seidman, Vinod Srihari, Matcheri Keshavan, Kristen A. Woodberry
  Service Use in Supported Housing:  Veterans’ Interests, Supports, or Needs
Russell K. Schutt, Mark Schultz, Marsha Ellison, Matthew Chinman, Chantele Mitchell-Miland, Sharon McCarthy 
  Social Synchrony in Youth at Risk for Psychosis: Results from a Videogame Intervention
Kelsey Johnson, Kristen Woodberry, Richard Schmidt, Joyce Cheng, Cole Chokran
  The ED-SAFE MD Suicide Secondary Screener Assessment: Utility, Outcomes, and Limitations
Alexandra Morena, Ryan M. Bottary, Celine Larkin, Edwin D. Boudreaux
  The State of Massachusetts: Strengths and Weaknesses in Treating First Episode Psychosis
Nimita Iyer, Emily Kline, Luis Sandoval, Margaret Guyer, Kelly English, Michael Stepansky, Jon Delman, Karan Verma, Kevin Coughlin, Matcheri Keshavan
  Undocumented College Students, Stress Exposures, and Psychological Distress
Rosalie A. Torres Stone, Kathryn Sabella, Eriberto Mora Carrera
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2017 Research Conference Presentations: Targeted Community Outreach & It's Impact on Service Engagement

Agenda: Targeted Community Outreach and its Impact on Service Engagement


YouForward: Engaging the Unengageable
Presentation Slides
Susan Wing, Alexis Henry, Emmanuel Hernandez & Betsy Edes



Creating a System of Safety: Healthcare System and Communities Working Together
Presentation Slides
Edwin D. Boudreaux & Celine Larkin


Understanding Barriers & Facilitators to Bipolar Disorder Treatment During Pregnancy: A Formative Study
Kathleen Biebel, Padma Sankaran, Lucille Cox, Tiffany A. Moore Simas, Nisha Kini, Holly A. Swartz, Linda Weinreb, & Nancy Byatt



The Participatory Action Research Initiative: Engaging the voice of individuals with lived mental health experience to better meet the needs of the communities we serve
Kathleen Biebel & Amanda Costa


A New Manualized Training Approach for Engaging Young Adults in the Community Poster McKay & Sabella




A Simulated Clinical Trial to Reduce Therapeutic Misconception
Charles Lidz, Karen Albert, Debbie Truong, & Shums Alikhan


Piloting Signs of Safety: A Deaf-Accessible Toolkit for Trauma & Addiction
Melissa Anderson, Kelly Wolf Craig, Amanda Sortwell, & Douglas Ziedonis




Recovery Services and Outcomes in a Public Psychiatric Facility
Bei-Hung Chang, Kathleen Biebel, Karen Albert, Shicheng Weng, & Jeffrey Geller


Transition Age Youth Psychotherapy Experiences (TYPE) Study
Kathryn Sabella, Amanda Costa, Tania Duperoy, & Mark Salzer



2016 Research Conference Presentations: Integrating Care: Addressing Mental Health &  Substance Abuse

Agenda: Integrating Care: Addressing Mental Health & Substance Abuse


The State of the Treatment Field of Opiate Abuse and Dependence
Presentation Slides
Gerardo Gopnzalez, M.D.




Challenges in Integrating Care for Mental Health & Substance Abuse: A Clinician's Perspective
Presentation Slides
Shunda McGahee, M.D.


Substance Abuse & Mental Illness: Effects of Marijuana & Other Drigs on Developing Psychosis
Presentation Slides
William S. Stone, Ph.D.




Assessing Mental Health Needs in the Community: Considerations for Care Coordination
Presentation Slides
Rosalie A. Torres Stone, Ph.D.


A National Examination of Juvenile Competence to Stand Trial Remediation Services & Practices
Langley, Larson, Liebert, Pinals & Sohn




Collecting Histories of Education & Employment Activities from Young Adults with serious Mental Health Conditions
Sabella, Bui, Golden & Biebel


Examining Differences in Accredited & Non-Accredited Clubhouses




The Meaning of Work Among Young Adults with Serious Mental Health Conditions
Torres Stone, Sabella, l& Mckay





2014 Research Conference Agenda & Presentations: What is Integrated Care and Why is it Important?


Agenda: What is Integrated Care and Why is it Important?

    image from presentation

The Value of Integrated Care
A. Kathryn Power, M. Ed.



Icon for presentation

Primary Care & Behavioral Health Integration at Community Healthlink
Marie Hobart, Monika Kolodziej & Liz Clinkscales

    WaRM presentation icon 

The Massachusetts Mental Health Center's Wellness & Recovery Medicine (WaRM) Center: A Health Home for People with Serious Mental Illness
Mark Viron & Gail Levine



Presentation icon

Integrating Health & Wellness Activities: Impact on Recovery
Colleen McKay & Mary Quill

    presentation icon

Mental Illness Throughout Parenthood: Strategies for Supporting Families
Cindy Liu


DMH 2013 Research Conference Agenda & Presentations: Innovations in Research: Lived Experience Leading the Way


Agenda: Innovations in Research: Lived Experience Leading the Way 

    Delman Poster

Young Adults Getting Involved: Participatory Action Research and Transition Age Youth
Poster Presentation
Jonathan Delman, J.D., M.P.H., Ph.D.



Smith Poster

Creating a “Community of Practice” on Transition Age Youth & Young Adults With Serious Mental Health Conditions in Northeast Massachusetts
Poster Presentation
Lisa M. Smith, B.A., Marsha L. Ellison, Ph.D., Joann Starks, M.Ed., Amanda Costa, A.A.

    MCTP Poster

Implementing the Massachusetts Child Trauma Project (MCTP) to Improve Services for Children with Complex Trauma in Child Welfare: Phase I Needs and Readiness Assessment
Poster Presentation
Charmaine Lo, MPH, Melodie Wenz-Gross, Ph.D., Jessica Griffin, Psy.D.



Byatt Poster Overcoming Barriers to Perinatal Depression Treatment
Poster Presentation
Nancy Byatt, D.O., M.B.A., Kathleen Biebel, Ph.D., Liz Friedman, M.A., Gifty Debordes-Jackson, M.A., Jeroan Allison, M.D., M.S.,, & Douglas Ziedonis, M.D., M.P.H
    Davis Poster

Patterns of Psychotherapy Attendance in Emerging and Mature Adults
Poster Presentation
Maryann Davis, Ph.D.; William Fisher, Ph.D.; Charles Lidz, Ph.D.; and Bernice Gershenson, M.P.H.


Duperoy Poster

Participatory Action Research: Young Adults Making It Happen!
Poster Presentation
Tania Duperoy, B.A.; Amanda Costa, A.A.; Jennifer Whitney; Gillian Simons

    Juvenile Offenders Poster

Gender: An Important Factor in the Implementation of Services for Juvenile Offenders
Poster Presentation
Geno Salomone, B.A., Rebecca J. Nelson, M.A., Geno Salomone, B.A., Scarlet P. Woods, B.A., Laura S. Guy, Ph.D., & Gina M. Vincent, Ph.D. 

 DMH 2012 Research Conference Agenda & Presentations: Relationships & Recovery: Advancing the Research


Agenda: Relationships and Recovery: Advancing the Research


    Relationships Relationships as the Foundation of Shared Decision Making: The Experience of Young Adults with Mental Health Conditions
Jonathan Delman, Ph.D.



Relationships_as_Key Relationships as Key to Recovery for Perinatal Women Living with Depression
Kathleen Biebel, Ph.D
    Life_Coaches Coaches VS Counselors: Relationship Differences in Supporting Employment Goals
Maryann Davis, Ph.D.



Friendships_of_Adolescents Friendships of Adolescents & Young  Adults in Early Psychosis
Jude Leung, Ph.D.