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Radiology and Division of Cell Biology and Imaging Research Kickoff

Cell Biology and Imaging Faculty - Radiology UMass Chan Medical School
CBI Faculty (l to r); John Woodhead, Elizabeth Luna, George Witman,
Jeffrey Nickerson, Kip Sluder and Roger Craig.

CBI and Radiology Researchers
Department of Radiology Researchers.

CBI and Radiology Research Luncheon Presentations
Mike King, PhD, Radiology Vice Chair for Research, begins the luncheon
meeting with a presentation about his lab's research.

The new Divison of Cell Biology and Imaging (CBI) joined the Radiology Researchers in a Kickoff luncheon on February 27, 2017. Researchers from both Research areas shared the research to promote a better understanding and possibly foster collaborations.

Welcome to the new Cell Biology and Imaging faculty; Roger Craig, PhD; Branch Craige, PhD; Gregory Hendricks, PhD; Yuqing Hou, PhD; Elizabeth Luna, PhD; Jeffrey Nickerson, PhD; Greenfield (Kip) Sluder, PhD; Lara Strittmatter, PhD; Yumi Uetake, PhD; George Witman, PhD and John Woodhead, PhD.

Presentations from the Kickoff