Gerardo Gonzalez, MD

Gerardo Gonzalez Associate Professor of Psychiatry 
Director, Division of Addiction Psychiatry

Dr. González is the Director of the Division of Addiction Psychiatry and Associate Professor in Psychiatry. Dr. Gonzalez is board certified by the American Board of Neurology and Psychiatry in Addiction Psychiatry. He is originally from Colombia and after receiving his Medical Degree, he trained in psychiatry at the Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario, School of Medicine in Bogotá-Colombia. He obtained a Diploma degree in Addiction Behaviour (DAB) at the National Addiction Center, Institute of Psychiatry, University of London. He completed his second residency in psychiatry in the US that was followed by a Substance Abuse Fellowship at Yale School of Medicine. After working as faculty in the Division of Substance Abuse at Yale University, he joined the Department of Psychiatry at UMass in 2008, and since then led the development of the Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship, the Addiction and Comorbidity Treatment Service (ACTS) and he is a NIDA funded clinical investigator. His research has focused on neurobiology and pharmacotherapy for the treatment of cocaine and opioid dependence. He is the author of numerous peer-reviewed papers and book chapters. He has presented at National and International conferences on issues related to treatment of substance abuse.

Clinical Activity

Dr. Gonzalez is the Director of the Addiction and Comorbidity Treatment Service (ACTS) and he provides treatment to a wide range of substance use disorders. He has ample experience treating substance use disorders with and without comorbid psychiatric disorders that started while in Colombia 20 years ago, then while being trained in the United Kingdom and since his training and faculty tenure at Yale University. He was the Medical Director of a Methadone Treatment Program in Connecticut. His focus has been a comprehensive evaluation and formulation that addresses a broader treatment plan for substance dependence.

Education Activity

Dr. Gonzalez is the Director of the Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship, and he is the coordinator of the Addiction rotation for the second year psychiatric residents. He lectures at the fellowship seminars and residents didactics about pharmacotherapy for addictive disorders. He hosts third year medical students’ for their clerkships at ACTS and he coordinates the fourth year medical students’ Addiction elective. He has offered two Flexible Clinical Experiences for MS3 this coming year. Learners attend the ACTS meeting and spend time with him at the teaching clinic on Thursdays evenings.

Research Interest

Dr. Gonzalez studies have evaluated the extent that enhancing GABA neurotransmission may have in modifying cocaine and opiate taking behavior. In addition, his current project is evaluating whether modulation of glutamate neurotransmission by NMDA receptor antagonist during opioid agonist treatment may improve treatment outcomes and reduce early relapse in young adults with opiate dependence. Future directions include investigating in collaboration with Dr. DiGirolamo, conscious and unconscious control in people with opiate addiction using cognitive paradigms during fMRI and how medications may improve this control.