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Prescription Refill Requests

If you are a new patient, please make an appointment to establish care. SCS does not refill prescription unless you are an established patient.

Medication Requests for Established Patients

  • For routine medication refills that do not need a visit, please send us your request at least 4 days before you need the refill. We will attend to routine medication refills during our drop-in-clinic times on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week.
  • Please email your MD (& copy with “refill request” in the subject line, and a sentence or two in the body of the email letting us know how you are doing; it is very helpful to know if you are feeling well (and just need a refill).
  • Also include the name of your medication, tablet size, dosing instructions, # tabs you are requesting, and the name & address of the pharmacy you want us to send it to.
  • If you are not doing well and need to discuss your medication with us, please contact SCS via email at or by phone at 508.856.3220 to make a video appointment with us instead

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Please do NOT request your SCS medication refills through MyChart. This is a separate system from your SCS electronic medical record chart, therefore, the request does not reach your SCS clinician.