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Bipolar Disorders Specialty Clinic

Welcome to the Bipolar Disorders Specialty Clinic in the Department of Psychiatry here at the University of Massachusetts. Bipolar disorder (also called manic depression) is common and causes significant problems in individuals’ lives. Bipolar disorder is often difficult to diagnose and to treat. Having access to a specialist can be critical.

The Bipolar Disorders Specialty Clinic provides evaluation and treatment expertise. We offer specialized and personalized consultation services for patients in order to respond to the particular need of the referring provider. Driven by the most recent advances in clinical research, the Bipolar Disorders Specialty Clinic strives to help patients achieve their full potential and live rewarding lives.

We accept referrals from psychiatric providers.

We offer the following Consultative Services:

  • Diagnosis clarification using the latest (DSM V) criteria
  • Comprehensive Treatment evaluation including:
    • Difficult to treat bipolar depression
    • Streamlining medication regime
    • Management of multiple medications
    • Management of adverse effects
    • Role of non-medication approaches to mood stability

How to schedule a consultation at the Bipolar Disorders Specialty Clinic:

Any prescribing physician may call the Consultation phone line (508-334-5052) to answer a few questions regarding past depression treatments and the question for consultation. All patients must have a prescribing physician (e.g. primary care provider or psychiatrist) who can coordinate their care with the consultative Clinic team as follow-up care is not provided. Patients may initiate the consultation, but their treating physician must authorize the consultation.

Marsh WWendy Marsh, MD, MSc
Associate Professor of Psychiatry, UMass Chan Medical School
Director, Bipolar Disorders Specialty Clinic at UMassMemorial Medical Center
Psychiatrist, Women's Mental Health Specialty Clinic at UMassMemorial Medical Center

Dr. Marsh completed her BA at Pomona College, Claremont CA, where she majored in psychology with a focus on emotions in the brain which she studied at Oxford University, England. She returned to Michigan, where she grew up, for medical school. During medical school she engaged in research at the National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH) examining depression and hormones. After earning her MD in 2000 she proceeded to Stanford University for internship and residency in psychiatry. She continued at Stanford for specialized fellowship training in bipolar disorders with one of the world’s experts. At UMass since 2007, she completed a Master of Science in Clinical Investigation in 2010 while balancing research in bipolar disorders with her clinical work. She has authored numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, presentations, and book chapters primarily focused on bipolar disorders. She currently sees patients, performs research on bipolar disorder and supervises and teaches residents.