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Outpatient Substance Abuse Program Community Healthlink, Inc.

The Adult Out-patient Substance Abuse Program at Community Healthlink is directed by Bob Wiedeman, MS, MA and Amy Harrington, MD. This clinic is a community mental health clinic where the principles of addiction psychiatry are applied in a treatment setting that is aimed at an often under-served population. The work we do here is never boring, requiring clinicians to often be creative and think outside the box. We have a variety of programs here that address the addiction-related needs of this population. For more information:

  • Out-patient Suboxone treatment
  • Vivitrol injection clinic for alcohol and opioid dependence
  • Psychiatric consultation to the detoxification unit
  • Treatment of co-occurring disorders in the out-patient clinic
  • Mission Direct Vet, court diversion program for veterans with addiction issues
  • Individual and group psychotherapy for addictive disorders