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Department of Psychiatry Hiring Mission

Who We Are

As The Commonwealth of Massachusetts’s Department of Psychiatry, and a national leader in public sector psychiatry, we integrate our clinical, research, teaching and community partnership activities to help individuals and families transform their lives through recovery from mental illness and addiction. We are the largest provider of psychiatric services in central Massachusetts with over 250 faculty and 2000 staff.    


Our mission is to promote and conduct state-of-the-art and recovery-informed patient care, research, training, and community engagement in an effort to enhance the mental health of all citizens in Massachusetts and beyond. To accomplish our mission, we must work to unlock the mysteries of the causes, treatment, and prevention of mental illness and addiction across the life span and guide the development of enlightened public health policies.


We will become the best integrated department of psychiatry in the nation by excelling in:

  • Innovative public and private partnerships
  • Helping individuals and families access outstanding clinical psychiatric services
  • Promoting wellness and recovery for individuals, families, and our community
  • Training the next generation of mental health practitioners
  • Performing outstanding research in response to community needs
  • Improving mental health care through discovery, policy, interventions, and changing clinical practice as new discoveries warrant
  • Serving as a workplace of choice
  • Ranking in the top 10 NIH- and top 10 SAMHSA-funded departments
  • Becoming the best public sector department of psychiatry in the country


Advocacy: We are partners with the community in advocating for access to quality mental health and addiction services for all. 
Communication: We are devoted to facilitating communication among all constituents. 
Collaboration: We value the importance of collaboration, recognizing that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. 
Diversity: All people deserve respect and equal opportunities, regardless of race, nationality, or sex. 
Innovation: We strive to use our creative research, medical and public health expertise to add innovative approaches to the treatment of mental health and addiction. 
Mentorship: We have a responsibility to help our faculty, staff and trainees develop their talents and skills. 
Stewardship: We are committed to the efficient and effective use of resources. 
Partnership: We are committed to collaborating with persons serviced and their families in relation to their own service needs as well as to the needs of our service delivery system.