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Clinical Neuropsychiatry Fellowship

Clinical Neuropsychiatry Fellowship

We offer a 1-Year Clinical Fellowship in Neuropsychiatry under the directorship of Sheldon Benjamin, MD and under the supervision of Drs. Benjamin, Eisenstock, and DeGrush. Drs. Benjamin, Eisenstock, and DeGrush are board certified in both Psychiatry and Neurology. Dr. Benjamin's training consisted of residency training in psychiatry and neurology and fellowship training in behavioral neurology. Drs. Eisenstock and DeGrush are graduates of the UMass Combined Neurology/Psychiatry Program. The UMass Neuropsychiatry Fellowship is accredited by the United Council on Neurological Subspecialties (UCNS) and graduates are eligible to apply for the UCNS subspecialty examination in Behavioral Neurology and Neuropsychiatry. Neuropsychiatry fellows serve as neuropsychiatric consultant in the UMass Neuropsychiatry teaching clinics. Subspecialization in diagnosis and treatment of adult neurodevelopmental disabilities is available. Fellows are expected to complete an academic project during the year and serve as teachers for general psychiatry residents and medical students in addition to their clinical responsibilities. Membership in the American Neuropsychiatric Association (ANPA) This link goes to an external web siteis strongly recommended.

Application Process

Fellowship applicants must complete an ACGME approved residency in psychiatry or neurology and obtain a full Massachusetts medical license. Applicants must submit a PDF Icon UMass GME application form(available from the Office of Psychiatric Education and Training); 3 letters of reference, including one from their training director and one from a behavioral neurologist or neuropsychiatrist familiar with their work if possible; copies of medical school deans letter and transcript; copies of USMLE parts 1, 2, and 3 scores; copy of ECFMG certificate if applicable; copy of license; CV; and a letter describing their interest in neuropsychiatry. For questions or to receive an application form and information packet, contact Vickie White, Psychiatry Training Coordinator. 

Neuropsychiatry Teaching Clinics

UMass Memorial Healthcare Neuropsychiatry Referral Center 
An outpatient neuropsychiatry clinic that serves as the primary site for evaluation and followup of Neuropsychiatry patients at UMass Memorial Healthcare. The Neuropsychiatry Referral Center is located in the UMMHC Neurology Clinic and is under the supervision of Sheldon Benjamin, MD, Elizabeth DeGrush, DO, and Jordan Eisenstock, MD.

The Evergreen Center 
A residential school for neurodevelopmental disabilities located in Milford, MA. Neuropsychiatry trainees join Dr. Rangsun Sitthichai in providing neuropsychiatric consultation and followup services to students at the school.

Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital Neuropsychiatry Consultation Clinic
An inpatient neuropsychiatry/neurology consultation service under the supervision of Dr. DeGrush. The WRCH is a brand new 320-bed public sector mental health facility that opened to patients in 2012.

Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital 
An inpatient rehabilitation hospital with a busy neurorehabilitation service. Fairlawn Rehab is an excellent place for neuropsychiatry trainees to become familiar with the neuropsychiatric sequelae of traumatic brain injury, stroke, and other CNS disorders.

Community Neuroscience Services, Inc 
Community Neuroscience Services (CNS) is a private neuropsychiatry group practice affiliated with the Department of Psychiatry.  The CNS staff includes specialists in  neuropsychiatry, neurology, pediatric neurology, geriatric psychiatry, adult psychiatry, neuropsychology and psychology.  All UMass Neuropsychiatry training programs include rotations at CNS.

Weekly Didactic Program

Neuropsychiatry journal club/tutorial
Biological psychiatry seminar
Neuroradiology conference
Psychiatry and Neurology grand rounds
Clinical Neuroscience Course

Neurodiagnostic Electives

Fellows rotate through Neuroradiology (reading MRI/CT), Nuclear Medicine (reading brain SPECT/PET scans), Neurodiagnostic Center (reading EEG), Neuropsychology, and Neuromodulation (ECT, rTMS, other modalities such as tDCS).