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College Consultation - Our Services

Our Services

The College Mental Health Program through UMASS is designed to fit the needs of the college/university counseling centers and the students they serve.  Our model consists of having one of our psychiatrists embedded within the college counseling center so that students can receive care in a comfortable setting without the need to leave campus.  The psychiatrist partners with the counseling center to triage cases to the appropriate resource and provide expert consultation.  Services may include:

  • Psychiatric consultation with ongoing treatment
  • Initial consultation and treatment plan development with referral for appropriate services
  • Indirect clinical case consultation to counseling center directors and staff
  • Clinical liaison and care coordination between other medical center departments including emergency room, inpatient psychiatric care, addiction, or transgender clinics
  • Psychoeducation to students and their families (with consent)
  • Policy consultation
  • Consultation in management of emergent situations on campus
  • Educational activities including lectures, seminars, or tutorials

Please contact Dr. Skehan at 508-856-6538 with any inquiries regarding services provided on specific campuses or for further information.

Current Campuses Served:

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