Inpatient and Residential Adolescent Treatment Programs

Operated by the Department of Psychiatry in conjunction with Commonwealth Medicine, two adolescent inpatient continuing care units and two adolescent residential units are located at Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital (309 Belmont St.).  Utilizing a strong multi-disciplinary team of child psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurses and occupational therapists, each unit offers a trauma informed treatment environment as well as a full day accredited school program.  All four units provide individualized treatment plans for each youth and are rapidly moving to become family driven, youth guided, family responsive and race and culturally competent programs.  Several of the units have peer mentors or program graduates on staff.  All four units recently received national awards for reducing the use of seclusion and restraint.

Family therapy is part of each adolescent’s treatment plan. A parent of a former resident, the Department’s Associate Director of Parent and Community Engagement works to provide programs to support parents/grandparents/guardians that have youth on one of the units as well as increasing family involvement in both the therapeutic process and daily life on the teen’s unit. Efforts are also made to ensure the needed community resources when a youth transitions home or to a community program at the conclusion of his/her stay on the unit. The occupational therapists provide a variety of individual and group programming that includes a sensory assessment, life skills inventory and leisure, vocational, sensory-motor and community-based activities. Each unit has one or more therapeutic dogs in residence each day.

Dogs for Adolescent Treatment Programs

Adolescent Treatment Staff
Staff of the Adolescent Treatment Programs