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Forensics and Addiction

Due to the increasing recognition of the high risk for incarceration among individuals with co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorders there has been a national movement toward developing diversion strategies to intercept individuals with co-occurring disorders at multiple points in the criminal justice process. Our research projects provide services and treatment options as either direct alternatives to incarceration (e.g. in our diversion study) or as transitional support in an effort to reduce recidivism after individuals conclude their incarcerations (e.g. in our re-entry program). The long term goal of our group is to provide an evidence-base for the implementation of service models targeting individuals with co-occurring disorders who are involved with the criminal justice system.


  • MISSION-Diversion and Recovery for Traumatized Veterans (DIRECT VET): a Jail Diversion and Trauma Recovery Program for Veterans (SAMHSA Funded)
  • MISSION-Re-entry And Peer Support (RAPS): a re-entry program for women incarcerated at MCI-Framingham or South Middlesex Correctional Center (SMCC) (BJA Funded)