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Research Opportunities

The Division offers research opportunities to undergraduates students, medical students, residents in psychiatry and other medical specialties, graduate students and post-doctoral students, in addiction related projects.

The links below provide access to descriptions of research opportunities in the Division and the faculty page will provide links to faculty research descriptions.

Undergraduate Students

  • Interact with Research Study Participants
  • Collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of physicians, clinical psychologists, cognitive neuroscientists, nurses, etc.
  • Perform research study tasks under the direction of the Principle Investigator and Research Coordinators including, but not limited to, clinical procedures, computerized assessments and experimental techniques
  • Explore statistical software programs and learn results analyses

Graduate/Medical Students

  • Observe Clinical Research Procedures
  • Conduct Clinical Assessments
  • Explore grant and research processes
  • Perform complex analyses to investigate research results


  • Identify mentor for specific area of addiction research
  • Participate and collaborate in research/grant writing
  • Identify and complete an independent research project