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Psychiatry Residents PGY-2

The PGY II Addiction Psychiatry rotation will provide second year residents with a comprehensive and focused training in the core competencies of addiction medicine and psychiatry. This educational experience will develop each resident’s expertise in the assessment, treatment and coordination of care for individuals with substance use disorders. Residents will learn how to manage acute states of intoxication and withdrawal, approaches to treatment (e.g. pharmacology and motivational enhancement techniques), and experience different settings for treatment intensity (e.g. withdrawal management units, rehabilitation programs, out-patient clinics etc). Through these core competencies and guided input from supervisors, the key focus will be placed on developing professional attitudes and behaviors for dealing with addiction issues. The rotation currently has three teaching facilities that will be utilized to meet training requirements and provide residents with clinical practice: AdCare Hospital, Motivational Youth Rehabilitation, and Addiction and Comorbidity Treatment Service (ACTS).

Psychiatry Residents PGY-3 & 4

The senior residents will have the opportunity to include in their caseload patients with substance use disorder with and without comorbid psychiatry disorders, and evaluate and treat these patients at the Addiction and Comorbidity Treatment Service (ACTS). It is expected that residents will have a long-term experience that may include experience with medication assisted treatment using buprenorphine.