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Kelsie Lorden Thanked by Dr. Dickson

Flowers for Kelsie Lorden with thanks from Dr. DicksonThis nice communication was shared by the Diagnostic Radiology Supervisor, Memorial Campus:
"An OR nurse recommended Radiology Technologist Kelsie Lorden to reach out to Dr. Dickson about not having EPIC credentials in the OR." Read on for her letter to Dr. Dickson and his kind reply.

Kelsie's note:

“Hello there, I work over at Memorial campus in the diagnostic imaging department. I’ve been an employee since late May/ early June and I was just recently given your name to possibly help me with being recognized in the OR. One of the surgical nurses recommended  I reach out to you to get me into the OR epic system, to preface, every time any of the nurses enter my name into the computer they are unable to find me in the system. I am hoping you’d be able to help me get into the system so that when I am in a case they don’t have to go through the hassle of manually entering my information every time. Please let me know if you need anything such as my employee ID number or any specifics about my job."

Thank you for your time,
Kelsie Lorden

Dr. Dickson's note sent with flowers:

Dear Kelsie,

Thank you for reaching out for help with the EPIC issue in the OR. I hope we solved your problem. Please Let me know if there are any others.

Eric Dickson, MD
President and CEO


Dr. Dickson recognized her with these beautiful flowers and card 😊   Mission accomplished she now has the credentials. 😊

Michele Foley RT (R)
Diagnostic Supervisor- Memorial Campus