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Voluntary Withdrawal

A student may withdraw voluntarily from the Medical School at any time upon written application to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs. A student who is withdrawn is not guaranteed readmission. Application for reinstatement must be received in writing at least two months prior to the date of requested readmission and must be approved by the Committee on Admissions. The level of reinstatement within the curriculum will be determined by the appropriate Academic Evaluation Board.

Administrative Withdrawal

A student may be administratively withdrawn from the University if, after due notice, the student fails to satisfy an overdue financial obligation to, or to comply with certain administrative requirements of, the campus of the University of Massachusetts at which the student is registered. Conditions warranting Administrative Withdrawal include failure to comply with administrative requirements such as failure by a student to satisfy an overdue financial obligation to the University, consisting of tuition, loans, fees, library (charges), or other student charges, including orientation, student activities, health services, failure to comply with other administrative requirements, such as the submission of health forms, etc., forgery, fraud, or falsification of information on any official University form or document, such as student grade report, recommendation, (transcripts), etc. At the Medical School, such failure is considered a violation of the Professionalism policy.

The appropriate administrative official, including an Assistant Registrar, may recommend in writing to the Registrar that a student be administratively withdrawn from the University. An attempt to resolve the matter must have been made by the administrative official by mailing to the student at his last known address a written notice of the proposed recommendation for withdrawal and the reasons therefore, such matter not having been successfully resolved with 14 calendar days of the mailing of said notice. If the Registrar is satisfied that the conditions warranting administrative withdrawal have been satisfied, he/she shall send a certified letter to the student at his/her last known address setting forth the recommendation for withdrawal and the reasons therefore, and notifying said student that he/she may within fourteen calendar days after said letter is mailed request a hearing on the matter. If the student does not request a hearing or take action satisfactory to the Registrar to resolve the matter within the time allotted, the Registrar shall administratively withdraw the student from the university no sooner than the 15th calendar day following the mailing of the notice provided for. If the student requests a hearing, it will be held by an appointed subcommittee of the appropriate Academic Evaluation Board.

Any student who has been administratively withdrawn may at any time during the semester in which the withdrawal was made make arrangements with the Registrar for the resolution of the matter. Upon such a resolution satisfactory to the Registrar, the Registrar shall forthwith reinstate the student to active enrollment status. Any student who has attempted to resolve the matter but has failed to satisfy the Registrar may petition for reinstatement by mailing or delivering to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs a written statement why the student believes himself/ herself entitled to reinstatement. This statement will be reviewed by a subcommittee of the appropriate Academic Evaluation Board. The determination of whether a reinstated student shall receive credit for the period for which he/ she was withdrawn shall be made by the instructor for each course involved.

This content is current to the 2021-2022 Student Handbook.