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The Progress Board may recommend to the Dean of the Medical School that a student be dismissed. Circumstances which may warrant dismissal include:

  • A student’s record which shows failure to remediate successfully to CREDIT/EXPECTED PERFORMANCE/PASS* or better, any rating of less than CREDIT/EXPECTED PERFORMANCE/PASS for which remediation was required (e.g. all Below Expected Performance (BEP), No Credit (NC) and Failing (F) grades must be successfully remediated to Credit (CR) or Expected Performance (EP) OR Pass (P).
  • A student’s record which simultaneously shows two or more NO CREDIT/FAILING ratings or one NO CREDIT/FAILING and three CREDIT-MARGINAL/BELOW EXPECTED PERFORMANCE ratings or four CREDIT-MARGINAL/BELOW EXPECTED PERFORMANCE ratings.
  • A student’s record which shows in its entirety an accumulation of five or more ratings below CREDIT/EXPECTED PERFORMANCE, irrespective of any remediation (i.e., a history of five or more ratings of CREDIT-MARGINAL/BELOW EXPECTED PERFORMANCE or NO CREDIT/FAILING is sufficient grounds for dismissal even if the student has previously remediated some of the ratings to CREDIT/EXPECTED PERFORMANCE or better.
  • Demonstration by the student of qualities of character or personality which are incompatible with a career as a physician, including behavior judged to be illegal, unethical, or so objectionable as to be inconsistent with suitability for the medical profession (see Technical Standards for Medical School Admission, Continuation and Graduation).
  • A student who does not fulfill requirements in the competency areas for Medical Education as defined by the faculty of the Medical School.

*Beginning with the 18-19 academic year, the clinical grading schema changed to PASS (P), HONORS (H), HIGH HONORS (H).

This content is current to the 2021-2022 Student Handbook.