Adverse Recommendation

(As defined in Sec. 2.2 of the school’s Appeal Policy)

An adverse recommendation is a recommendation of either the Basic Science Academic Evaluation Board or the Clinical Science Academic Evaluation Board to the Progress Board to have the student (1) repeat an FOM 1 or FOM2 course because of a failing grade (NCR) in a single course,  (2) repeat a clerkship or elective because of a grade of "Below Expected" or "Fail” (3) whole semester or an entire year; (4) enter a less than full-time or other program which will delay the student’s time of graduation, (5) take a leave of absence at the initiative of the Board rather than of the student, or (6) be dismissed.

See Section 3. "Academic Policies and Regulations: Criteria for Academic Review and Advancement"

Revised 5/2016