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Adverse Recommendation

(As defined in Sec. 2.2 of the school’s Appeal Policy)

An adverse recommendation is a recommendation of either the Basic Science Academic Evaluation Board (BSAEB) or the Clinical Science Academic Evaluation Board (CSAEB) to the Progress Board (PB) to have the student (1) repeat an FOM 1 or FOM2 course because of a failing grade (NCR) in a single course, (2) repeat a clerkship, another required Core Clinical Experiences (CCE) course or and Advanced Studies elective because of a grade of "Below Expected" or "Fail”, (3) whole semester or an entire year, (4) enter a less than full-time or other program that will delay the student’s time of graduation, (5) take a Leave of Absence at the initiative of the Board (BSAEB or CSAEB) rather than of the student, or (6) be dismissed.

See Section 3. "Academic Policies and Regulations: Criteria for Academic Review and Advancement"

Revised 5/2016

This content is current to the 2021-2022 Student Handbook.