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Section Three: Academic Policies and Regulations

I. Attendance, Rescheduling, and Withdrawing
Postponing a Required Core Clinical Experience (CCE)
Postponement of a Required Interstitial
Rescheduling or Withdrawing from an Advanced Studies Course
Time Away Policy from Required Core Clinical Experiences
Withdrawal from a Required Pre-Clerkship Course
Withdrawal from a Core Clinical Experience 
Auditing a Pre-clerkship Course 
Exam Policy FOM 1 and FOM 2  
II. Evaluation of Courses 
III. Evaluation of Students
Review of Evaluation Criteria
Academic Evaluation Boards/Review of Academic Records
IV. Adverse Recommendation
V. Progress Board
VI. Criteria for Academic Review and Advancement
VII. Remediation Policies
VIII. Dismissal
IX. Appeal Policy (Medical Student)
X. Advanced Standing
XI. Credit Hour Definitions
XII. Extended Program
XIII. Fifth Year Option for the MD Degree
XIV. Leave Of Absence
Matriculating Student Status
Conditions for a Leave
XV. Number of Years to Complete the MD Degree
XVI. Posting of Faculty Course Material
XVII. Praise Report
XVIII. Withdrawals 

This content is current to the 2021-2022 Student Handbook.

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