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Certification For Graduation

The Registrar’s Office certifies that each candidate for graduation from the Medical School has completed all academic and administrative requirements of the Institution. No student may graduate who has outstanding fees or fines (i.e. tuition, loans, library books, parking fees or tickets.) Final determination that the student has satisfied academic requirements rests with the appropriate faculty academic evaluation board.

Certification Process:

Three months prior to Commencement, the Registrar’s Office conducts a degree audit of the academic records of all candidates for graduation. The week prior to Commencement, students are required to come to the Registrar’s Office for final certification. 

Early Certification For Graduation:

Permission of the Associate Dean for Student Affairs is required for early certification for June graduation. The student is responsible for completing all certification requirements and obtaining all signatures. Students are still subject to university policies and procedures regarding graduation (e.g., diplomas may be held for non- payment of fines incurred after completing early certification).


For early certification dates prior to April 1:  Notification deadline is Dec. 15.

For early certification dates after April 1; Advance notice is not required but students should allow sufficient time to complete all required signatures for the certification process.

The certification date will be recorded as the date of completion.

Students are not eligible for financial aid after the completion date. Repayment or grace period for student loans begins at the date of completion.

Students must complete an early Certification for Graduation form and will be required to obtain all necessary signatures from all departments before submitting the form to the Registrar’s Office for approval.

This content is current to the 2021-2022 Student Handbook.