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Bursar’s Office

Location: Room S1-802, First Floor
Telephone: 508-856-2248
Fax: 508-856-2555

The Bursar’s Office is primarily responsible for the following student related activities:

  • Calculating, billing, and collecting student tuition/fees
  • Disbursing financial aid and issuing excess (refunds)
  • Administering student health insurance enrollment/waiver program and collecting premium payment
  • Issuing IRS 1098-T Tuition Statement

Calculating, billing, and collecting student tuition/fees

Tuition/fees structure and rates
Annual tuition/fees list:  (published each academic year after approved by UMass President Office) 

Learning Contract
While being charged with tuition during the four academic years, students who sign the Learning Contract receive Learning Contract disbursement of $5568.00 on their student account each academic year ($2784.00 per semester). For further details on requesting and signing Learning Contract and its repayment obligations, please go to the Financial Aid Office website at

Extended Student Program Fee
After fully paying tuition for eight semesters (excluding the semesters when a student receives Post Sophomore Fellowship tuition credit or the semester when a student paid partial tuition due to LOA), the student is changed to extended student status and is assessed Extended Student Program Fee per semester in lieu of tuition plus all other student fees.

Tuition/fees refund policy

E-bills are processed in the fall and spring semesters of each academic year and emailed to students’ UMass Chan Medical School (UMass Chan) Outlook email address.  The most recent bill and real time account detail/balance can also be viewed via PSCS Student Self Service:

Paying for tuition/fees

Students are required to pay their account in full each semester, no later than the due date stated on the e-bill. Acceptable payment methods include: check, cash, major credit cards. Credit card payment can be submitted by calling the Bursar’s Office or online at


A past due account (including account with incomplete financial aid package by bill due date) is subject to one or more of these actions by UMass Chan:

~ Late payment fee

~ Denial of course enrollment

~ Denial of credit transfers/transcripts/graduation/diploma

~ Student debt sent to the Massachusetts Intercept Program for recovery through offset against State payments such as tax returns.

~ Student debt sent to a collection agency 

Disbursing financial aid and issuing excess (refunds)

Each semester, all Federal Title IV and VII loans and institutional awards are disbursed by the Financial Aid Office and posted to student account by the Bursar’s Office.  3rd party scholarships sent to UMass Chan are also posted to student accounts by the Bursar’s office.

  • Students are asked to sign the Title IV Authorization Form during walk-in registration, which allows the loans applied to fees such as Health Fee and insurances and the refund process expedited.
  • After being applied to tuition/fees, any excess financial aid (refund) is processed back to students by the Bursar’s Office.
  • Students receiving financial aid are required to set up Direct Deposit to receive the refund (Direct Deposit setup instruction is provided to students during walk-in registration). Direct Deposit is secure, quick, and convenient, with funds directly deposited to student’s designated bank account within 24-72 hours after refund processing. 

Issuing 1098-T Tuition Statement

The Bursar’s Office processes UMass Chan students’ 1098-T forms and furnishes them to the students and IRS each calendar year.

  • On a calendar year basis, the 1098-T form reports total amount of payment(s) received up to the qualified tuition and related expenses on Box1 and the total amount of scholarships/grants that UMass Chan administered and processed during the calendar year for paying the student's cost of attendance.
  • 1098-T form of each calendar year is mailed to students by the end of January of the following year.
  • To ensure prompt receipt of the annual 1098-T form, students are required to keep their Current/Mailing address up-to-date in PSCS, by sending the request to the Registrar’s Office or updating by themselves online at 

Administering student health insurance enrollment/waiver program and collecting premium payment

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires students to carry adequate and continuous health insurance coverage for hospitalization, emergencies, outpatient specialty care, and diagnostic testing.  Students have the option of enrolling in and paying for the insurance plan offered by UMass Chan, purchasing a comparable plan of their choice, or purchasing/enrolling in an eligible plan through the Commonwealth Connector.

  • Each year in June before the start of open enrollment, the Bursar’s Office sends out a detailed email to all UMass Chan students about student health insurance in the new policy year.
  • All students are mandated to complete the UMass Chan student health insurance enroll/waive process during the annual open enrollment period. Currently, the website to submit online enroll/waiver form is: 
  • The annual health insurance premium is charged up front to the student account in the fall semester. If a student completes the waiver form, the insurance premium is cancelled from the student account.
  • For more information, please click here (

Other functions performed by the Bursar’s Office

  • Accepting parking ticket payments
  • Disbursing emergency loan checks
  • Providing endorsement for jointly payable checks to the student and UMass Chan (e.g. outside loans and scholarships)
  • Providing check cashing service for enrolled students. The procedure is:

Student presents UMass Chan student ID, a check of no more than $25.00 made payable to “Cash”, which must be drawn on a Massachusetts bank.

Student must endorse on the back of the check and the check must include Student ID number, phone number, student mailbox number, and address on the front.

Student may cash one check per day and no more than two checks per week.

This content is current to the 2021-2022 Student Handbook.