Bursar’s Office

Location: Room S1-802, First Floor, Student Wing
Telephone: 508-856-2248
Fax: 508-856-2555

The School Bursar: Processes all tuition and fee billings and payments, disburses emergency loan checks and financial aid checks, upon presentation of UMass Student ID, and provides endorsements for jointly payable checks to the student and UMMS. The Bursar’s Office provides a check cashing service for enrolled students. The student check cashing procedure is:

1.  Students present UMMS student ID.
2.  Checks must be drawn on a Massachusetts bank.
3.  Students may cash one check per day for a maximum amount of $25.00.
4.  No more than two checks may be cashed per student each week.
5.  Checks must be made payable to “Cash.”
6.  The student’s endorsement on the back of the check is required.
7.  Student ID number, phone number, student mailbox number and address must be listed on the front of each check.

Learning Contract
The University of Massachusetts offers medical students the opportunity to enter into a Learning Contract which gives students the option of deferring payment of two-thirds of tuition until either the completion of advanced training or withdrawal from medical school. Students who defer payment may provide payment with dollars (plus 8 percent) or by providing qualifying service In primary care, underserved, public or community service within the Commonwealth. For detailed information, students may visit the financial aid website at http://umassmed.edu/financialaid. Students may refer to the copies of the Learning Contract and the Annual Statements of Learning Contract Obligation they signed for detailed information about the repayment obligations to which they agreed. The Financial Aid Office is happy to answer questions students may have about the Learning Contract.

Extended Students: Tuition & Fees
Students enrolled for Medical School courses for credit are assessed the full Medical School tuition for each semester of enrollment.  The first semester after a student has completed eight full semesters of Medical School tuition payments, excluding prior semesters of Post Sophomore Fellowship tuition waiver received, the student’s status will change to extended student program fee status.  The student is not assessed tuition, but is assessed the extended student program fee of $2,750.00 per semester plus all other student fees.

Billing and Policy on Past Due Student Accounts
Each academic year in the fall and spring semesters tuition and fee bills are sent to students’ UMMS email address. Student account balances are due by the due date stated on the bill. Failure to pay the account in full by the due date may result in one or more of the following actions by UMMS:

Assessment of Late Payment Fee to the student account; Denial of registration for future semesters;
Denial of credit transfers/transcripts/graduation/diploma; Submitting student debt to the Massachusetts Intercept Program for recovery through offset against State payments such as tax returns. Referring student debt to a collection agency.

Refund Policy
Refunds are calculated when students do not register for the academic term for which they are charged, take an approved leave of absence or otherwise fail to complete the program on or after the first day of class of the period of enrollment for which charges are assessed.

Students who cease enrollment after 60 percent of the term has elapsed receive no refund and are not required to refund any federal aid received for the term. Students who cease enrollment before 60 percent of the term has elapsed receive a refund for the percentage of the term remaining after the last date of attendance.  The percentage is calculated by dividing the number of calendar days elapsed between the beginning of the term and the date the individual ceases enrollment by the number of calendar days in the term. For example, a student who withdraws 57 percent of the way through the term of enrollment receives a refund of 43 percent of tuition and fees (100 percent minus 57 percent).

If a student received Title IV funds, a “Return of Title IV Funds” calculation will also be performed with the same percentage.  Accordingly, only the prorated amount of financial aid is available to the student. Additionally, per federal regulations, the student is required to return the unearned percentage of aid received as cash or from a credit balance.  Failure to return unearned Title IV aid may result in ineligibility for future federal aid.

Allocation of Refunds
A share of the refund will be returned to the financial aid programs that funded students. Refunds and recovered overpayments are allocated to the programs from which an individual received aid in the following order:

  • Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loan
  • Federal Stafford Loan
  • Federal Perkins Loan
  • Federal GradPlus Loan
  • Other Federal Student Aid Programs
  • Institutional Student Aid Programs
  • State Student Aid Programs
  • Private Student Aid Programs
  • Student

Students must notify the dean of the respective graduate school and the registrar in writing of their intent to withdraw. Students who withdraw without notifying the dean and registrar of their status will be considered withdrawn as of the last recorded date of class attendance as documented by the University.

Upon request, the school bursar will provide examples of the application of the refund policy.  Any withdrawn student who believes that individual circumstances warrant exceptions from published policy may make a written appeal to:

Nancy E. Vasil, Associate Vice Chancellor, Administration and Finance
University of Massachusetts Medical School
333 South Street, Shrewsbury, MA 01545

Note: This policy is subject to change at any time without prior notice if necessary to comply with Federal law.