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Pre-Matriculation Programs

Outreach Programs at UMMS
Under the charge to the University to “serve the people of the Commonwealth,” UMMS has a commitment to reaching out to the community. Considerable institutional resources have been allocated to support the following programs: the Worcester Pipeline Collaborative (WPC, K-12) with the Worcester Public Schools, Mentoring Program for Worcester K-16 students, Summer Enrichment Program for undergraduates from underrepresented groups or disadvantaged or disadvantaged backgrounds, Combined Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program (NIH and Summer Undergraduate Research Experience) and the High School Health Careers Program.  Student volunteers are welcome!

For more information contact Robert Layne at 508-856-2707.

Pertinent Web sites:

• High School Health Careers:

• Summer Enrichment Program:

• Summer Undergraduate Research:

• Worcester Pipeline Collaborative:

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