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Student Health Clearance

The UMass Chan Medical School (UMass Chan) requires all incoming students to complete the Student Health Clearance process prior to matriculation. This policy was developed to decrease risk of transmission of potential infectious agents. It is also required by Massachusetts Law. 

It is each student’s professional responsibility to maintain this clearance throughout his/her educational experience at UMass Chan. All clinical sites within UMass Chan and outside of UMass Chan require documentation of medical clearance prior to starting any clinical educational experience. Student Health Services (SHS) is responsible for periodic tracking of health clearances for all students and will notify students who need updated clearance information via email.

The SHS office can help with any questions regarding the clearance paperwork and can assist with resources to help complete the process. Forms that must be completed can be downloaded from the Student Health Services (SHS) website at For additional information, please call (508) 334-8464.

Any incoming student who fails to comply with SHS requests to complete the clearance process by the first day of class will be reported to the Associate Dean of Student Affairs and the Registrar’s Office for further action including suspension of registration which would result in being withheld from classes and all clinical educational experiences.

Existing students that are non-compliant with maintaining their clearance during their education at UMass Chan will be reported to their respective deans if they do not respond to Student Health requests in a timely manner.

Applicability: All enrolled students
Date Revised: 
June 3, 2015 (SHS)

This content is current to the 2021-2022 Student Handbook.