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Flu Vaccination Policy for UMMMC; Supported by UMass Chan Medical School

Segment 1: All physicians, licensed independent practitioners, graduate medical education trainees, and medical and nursing students are required to receive a flu vaccine shot prescribed for the specified flu season unless they receive an exemption for medical or religious reasons. Those with an exemption (whether religious or medical) must wear a surgical mask while in clinical care buildings on the University, Memorial and Hahnemann campuses (Clinical Care Buildings) during flu season.

Segment 2: All other UMMMC workforce members* not listed above, receipt of the influenza vaccination is strongly encouraged. Annual influenza vaccination or the proper wearing of a hospital approved surgical mask while at work in Clinical Care Buildings and sites where clinical care is provided, including patient/client homes and community settings during the flu season is required for all other UMMMC Workforce members not listed above, including employees, contracted and vendor personnel, volunteers and trainees.

Effective Date: Flu season typically occurs sometime between November and March. The exact dates for wearing respiratory protection will be determined by UMMMC and announced.

Where Can I Get a Flu Shot? Flu shots will be available at fairs held across many UMMMC and UMass Chan locations. Flu shots will not be available at Employee Health Services. All UMass students are required to receive a yearly flu shot.  Student Health Services will coordinate this process.

General Process: This year, those receiving flu shots will receive an orange sticker to apply to their identification badge to indicate they have received the vaccine. Employee Health Services will keep a record of influenza immunizations, consents, declinations and exemptions. In addition, periodic compliance reports will update managers on the immunization rates and declinations or exemptions of staff who work in their areas.

Wearing a Mask Process: Surgical masks will be available in the main lobbies of the three Medical Center campuses as well as on the first floor of the University Campus, where the school meets the hospital.

Locations to Wear the Mask: Masks will need to be worn in the clinical care buildings and sites where clinical care is provided, including patient/client homes and community settings during influenza season. Masks will not be required while entering or exiting the building, in elevators, in the cafeteria, in closed maintenance rooms, or in closed break rooms.

*Definition of UMMMC workforce: All employees, contractors, volunteers, vendors, trainees (including medical and nursing students, interns, residents, allied health professionals and business students), members of the Medical Staff, including employed and private physicians, Licensed Independent Practitioners, Graduate Medical Education trainees, temporary employees, Per Diem employees, and other persons employed, credentialed or under the direction and control of UMMMC whether or not they are paid by UMMMC.

Summary policy can also be found here.

This content is current to the 2021-2022 Student Handbook.