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Alcohol Policy

All members of the UMass Chan community shall abide by the laws of the Federal Government, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the regulations of the Alcohol Beverages Control Commission and local ordinances and regulations relative to the possession, consumption, distribution, transportation, manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages or products, on land or premises owned or occupied by the UMass Chan. (Trustee Document T97-112)  Students must also be in compliance with Alcoholic Beverages on Campus policy 1.2.01 from the Executive Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance or designee.

Alcohol can be consumed on the campus of the University of Massachusetts at Worcester only by students of legal drinking age at University-sponsored student events in designated areas.

Any student-sponsored event that includes alcoholic beverages must be reviewed and approved through the Executive Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance or designee.

Student sponsored events shall prohibit under-aged drinking, excessive drinking, and shall stress safety and individual accountability by those who choose to drink. No advertisement, sale or promotion of alcoholic beverages of any kind is permitted on campus.  Outdoor public drinking on premises owned, occupied or controlled by the University of Massachusetts is forbidden, except at University-sponsored events in designated areas. The University will take disciplinary action against any student who violates federal, state, city or University regulations.

In summary:

  • There is no advertisement involving alcohol for any event.
  • Students cannot sell individual drinks (if a caterer is hired, the caterer may sell individual drinks using its license.)
  • Students cannot serve anyone who is underage.
  • Students cannot serve anyone who is intoxicated.
  • Students must also provide and display equivalent non-alcoholic drinks (for example; cans of soda if cans of beer are being offered, or pitchers of non-alcoholic beverage if pitchers of beer are being offered. Students cannot set up a situation where the beer is free and to get a non-alcohol drink the student has to purchase it out of a machine.)
  • Students MUST stay in the designated area, Students CANNOT take alcohol outside of the [designated area, [e.g. student lounge], (i.e. NO drinking outside the building or in the lobby or in the halls).

Further, the University will provide educational programs for the campus community relative to the dangers of alcohol use/abuse. These programs will be provided by the academic departments as part of required courses in all three schools. The Student Health Service and Counseling Service will provide information about counseling and treatment programs for individuals in need of such intervention.

The policy on Alcoholic Beverages on Campus, Policy #01.02.01 can be found at

Revised 01/05

This content is current to the 2021-2022 Student Handbook.