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Access to UMass Medical School Facilities

UMMS facilities may be utilized to provide care and treatment of patients, to conduct research for the advancement of health care and to teach and train health care professionals. In support of these goals, the facilities may be used by the following:

  1. Recognized internal organizations for purposes which promote the health-related, educational, research and service and development goals of the organization; and
  2. Non-profit outside organizations which are public service or health related sponsored by a recognized internal organization and approved by the associate vice chancellor for Communications. Such sponsorships of outside organizations shall not interfere with programs or activities conducted by UMMS.

A recognized organization must send a request, in writing, to the Office of Communications (formerly called Public Affairs & Publications) 30 days in advance of the event or program for permission to use the facilities if an outside organization is being sponsored and will participate in the event. The outside organization must be identified in the request and its proposed participation described. Commercial use of UMMS facilities is prohibited.

The entire UMMS Policy “Access and Solicitation,” Human Resource; General Administration Policy #06.05.00 as found at

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