Approval Required Electives

Though most electives are self-service enrollment in Peoplesoft, the list of electives below will not be self-service as they require approval from the elective coordinator. For the electives below, you must contact the coordinator to see if there is space available. If the coordinator approves your request to add the elective, they must send the completed internal elective form to and this course will be added to your schedule for you.

Department Number  Course Name   Type  Location 
Dermatology DE-411 * Clinical Dermatology B1 Reliant Medical Group & Private Offices
Emergency Medicine EM-404 Emergency Medicine A Berkshire Medical Center
Family Medicine & Community Health FC-400 Subinternship Fam/Comm Medicine A Memorial Campus Hospitalist / Health Alliance / Leominster Hospital / Memorial Campus South
  FC-401 * Family Practice B1 Individual Preceptor Sites
  FC-415 * Health Care for the Homeless B1 Homeless Shelters and Outreach Centers
  FC-419* Rural Family Medicine  B1 Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket Island and Berkshire Sites, Cape Cod
  FC-423 * Family Health Center Based Subinternship A Hahnemann Family Health Ctr./ Worcester Family Health Ctr./ Barre Family Health Ctr.
  FC-436  Scientific Writing Elective University Campus, Other Options Available  
  FC-440  Correctional Health Ambulatory Elective   B1  MCI-Framingham, MCI-Shirley, Souza Baranowski Ctr Shirley, MCI-Concord, MCI-Norfok 
  FC-458 Evidence-Based Medicine in Health Policy: An Introduction to Medical Necessity Guidelines and Utilization Review C Quincy, some main University campus
  FC-459 Health Policy: The Public Payer Perspective C Quincy
International  INTUFC-405* International Medicine | Community Health ^ B1 Worldwide
  INTUFC-427* International Community Service C Worldwide
  INTUFC-451* Foundations of Global Health  C UMMHC & Nicaragua
  INTUFC-460 Medical Language Training  (Non-English) C UMMHC - University Campus
  INTUSU-465 Global Health Surgery B1 UMMHC-University & Antigua, Guatemala
  INTUFC-486* International Research Elective  C Worldwide
  INTUFC-470 International Language Elective C Worldwide
Medicine ME-301 Medicine/Subinternship Elective    All Sites
  ME-400 Coronary Care Medicine  A UMMHC-University
  ME-401 Subinternship/Medical Intensive Care  A UMMHC-University
  ME-406  Cardiology  B1 Berkshire Medical Center
  ME-406 Cardiology  B1 Harrington Memorial Hospital
  ME-406 * Cardiology  B1 UMMHC-Memorial
  ME-410 * Medicine/Subinternship Elective  A University Campus and Affiliated Sites
  ME-416 Gastroenterology  B1 St. Vincent Hospital at Worcester Medical Ctr.
  ME-418 Geriatric Medicine B1 UMMHC-Memorial
  ME-420 * Hematology/Medical Oncology  B1 UMMHC-University
  ME-423 Infectious Disease  B1 Berkshire Medical Center
  ME-425 Nephrology  B1 Berkshire Medical Center
  ME-433 Pulmonary Medicine  B1 Berkshire Medical Center
  ME-433 * Pulmonary Medicine  B1 UMMHC-University 
  ME-434 * Rheumatology  B1 UMMHC-Memorial
  ME-449 * Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation  B1 Berkshire Medical Center
  XX-4012  * Pharmacy Benefit Management for the Public Sector University South Street Campus
Neurology NU-417  * Neurology Elective University Campus & Affiliated Sites
  NU-436 Ambulatory Neurology B1 University Campus
Pathology PA-417 Hematopathology B2 Berkshire Medical Ctr. Laboratory
Pediatrics PE-400 * Subinternship/Neonatology  A UMMHC-Memorial
  PE-402 Pediatric Emergency Subinternship  A UMMHC-University
  PE-404 Sub-I in Pediatrics A UMMHC-University
  PE-417 Neonatal Clinical Research/Reading Elective  C UMMHC-Memorial
Psychiatry PS-401 Consult Liaison Subinternship  A Berkshire Medical Center
  PS-405 Subinternship Inpatient Psychiatry  A Berkshire Medical Center
  PS-407 Clinical Neuropsychiatry  B1 Rotating Sites
  PS-417 Psychopharmacology  B2 UMMHC-University
  PS-445* Addiction Psychiatry  B1 Outpatient Psychiatry Dept., Addiction & Comorbidity Treatment Service; Community Healthlink, Outpatient Substance Abuse Program
Radiology RA-400 Diagnostic Radiology C St. Vincent Hospital at Worcester Medical Center
  RA-4008  * Advanced Projects in Anatomy C UMMHC- University Campus
Research XX-412 * Senior Scholars Research Program C UMMHC-University
Surgery SU-489 Sub I in Acute Care Surgery A UMMHC- University Campus
Various Department Based Student specific Individually Designed Elective A, B, or C Internal or External Sites
  XX-465    * Clinical Skills Elective  C University Campus; Shrewsbury Campus
  XX-475 Understanding Peer-Reviewed Literature C NEJM Editorial Office in Boston, MA

*Denotes the possibility of a two week elective option. To schedule a 2 week elective, you must use the internal elective form to get approval by the coordinator and then have that form emailed to Student Affairs will manually add it to your schedule.