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In the Spotlight - Anne Gilroy

Date Posted: Friday, December 11, 2015

Although a long-term employee of UMass, Anne Gilroy is a new member of the Department of Radiology, in the Division of Translational Anatomy.  Previously she had joint appointments in the Departments of Surgery, and Cell and Developmental Biology. As one of four co-directors of the DSF (Development, Structure and Function) course for first year medical students, she supervises the human gross anatomy program.  Over the last 27 years she has also offered a variety of anatomy courses in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year curricula as well as several residency programs. However, her responsibilities extend well beyond basic teaching. For the last 3 years, as the Director of Anatomy and Imaging Resources for iCELS, Anne oversees the use of, and training on, the Anatomage Table. This virtual anatomy simulator renders interactive life-size 3D images in multiple viewing formats from CT and MRI data sets. Much of her time is spent developing teaching modules that integrate anatomy, embryology and imaging using this innovative technology.

Anne is a co-author of the highly awarded Atlas of Anatomy, (Thieme Publishers, NY) and she is currently working on its third edition, which will be released this spring. First published in 2008, this atlas is now translated into 14 languages and is one of the best selling anatomy atlases worldwide. In 2012, Anne followed publication of the atlas with a companion textbook Anatomy: An Essential Text (Thieme Publishers, NY.).

Anne enjoys teaching internationally and has worked in locations such as Grenada, W.I., China and South Africa. Since 2012 she’s made spring and fall trips to Liberia through the UMass Office of Global Health where her work focuses on revitalizing the anatomy program at A.M. Dogliotti School of Medicine.  Anne is currently acting Chair of the university’s Anatomy Department where she oversees the anatomy curriculum and coordinates visiting faculty.  For the last four years Anne has supervised the teaching of anatomy, mentored local faculty, and established the first cadaver dissection program.

Anne lives in Brimfield and has two sons who live in San Francisco and Denver. She enjoys travelling, hiking, camping and winetasting.


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