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Manage and Lead at UMMS Register Now!

DescriptionThe Manage and Lead program at UMMS is an intensive, multi-tiered training program designed specifically for UMMS Leaders and Managers. This leadership series will:


  • Provide you with the necessary tools to build a successful leadership foundation and create a culture where people collaborate and effectively work together
  • Assist you in gaining enhanced skills in attracting and hiring new staff, developing and coaching staff, managing performance and behavior and reducing legal and employee relations problems 
  • Provide the training and tools to ensure UMMS managers develop into great leaders, such as:
    • Communicating Up, Down and Across
    • Developing Performance Goals and Standards
    • Resolving Conflict
    • Providing Continuous Performance Feedback
    • Hiring and Retaining Top Tier Talent
    • Motivating Team Members
    • Developing and Coaching Others
    • Understanding the Importance of Situational Awareness
    • Conveying Priorities and Expected Outcomes with Clarity
    • Actively Listening to Team Members
    • Celebrating Progress by Taking Time to Appreciate the Work of Others
    • Taking Immediate Action When Confronted with Low-Productivity or Poor Performance
    • Learning How to Influence Others
    • Managing and Reducing Workplace Conflict and Stress

Audience: Managers Only

Contact Information: For more information about upcoming classes, click here  

Public Presentation Skills: Learn and Apply the Principles of Design and Delivery of Great Presentations     Register Now!                               

Description: The Public Presentation Skills training will help employees  learn strategies to become a better public presenter and how to develop stronger presentations. These strategies will be developed by steps including:

  • The "2 Minute Presentation
  • Strategies for Staying Calm
  • How to Plan and Structure Your Presentation
  • Knowing and Engaging Your Audience
  • What to Do if You Go Off Track

      Audience: All employees

      Contact Information: For more information about upcoming classes, click here.