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Health Insurance


Health Insurance is required for everyone at UMass Chan and in the United States. Medical coverage is determined by the type of position you have at UMass Chan and certain visa types require specific levels of coverage.


There are specific requirments for health insurance when you work in the United States. Health Insurance requirements in the United States healthcare system include the following:

  • All individuals residing in Massachusetts are subject to Massachusetts Minimum Creditable Coverage. 
  • Individuals in J-1 visa status are required by the Department of State to have a specific level of health insurance for themselves and all dependents in J-2 status for the entire period of stay in the United States.
  • All J-1 Exchange Visitors must sign an attestation form upon or before arrival at UMass Chan to confirm they are aware of and will comply with the health insurance and other J regulations.
  • It is your responsibility to maintain the required coverage or you risk being subject to tax and/or immigration penalties. 

For more detailed information regarding health insurance requirements, click here.

For more information about benefits eligible employees and information for non-benefits eligible employees please see below: