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Manage and Lead at UMass Chan

Manage and Lead 2

What it Offers

Description: The Manage and Lead program at UMass Chan is an intensive, multi-tiered training program designed specifically for UMass Chan Leaders and Managers. This leadership series will:

  • Provide you with the necessary tools to build a successful leadership foundation and create a culture where people collaborate and effectively work together
  • Assist you in gaining enhanced skills in attracting and hiring new staff, developing and coaching staff, managing performance and behavior and reducing legal and employee relations problems 
  • Provide the training and tools to ensure UMass Chan managers develop into great leaders, such as:

- Communicating Up, Down and Across
- Developing Performance Goals and Standards
- Resolving Conflict
- Providing Continuous Performance Feedback
- Hiring and Retaining Top Tier Talent
- Motivating Team Members
- Developing and Coaching Others
- Understanding the Importance of Situational Awareness
- Conveying Priorities and Expected Outcomes with Clarity
- Actively Listening to Team Members
- Celebrating Progress by Taking Time to Appreciate the Work of Others
- Taking Immediate Action When Confronted with Low-Productivity or Poor Performance
- Learning How to Influence Others
- Managing and Reducing Workplace Conflict and Stress



The training program consists of the following four (4) training modules that are taught by UMass Chan HR subject matter experts. The modules are to be taken sequentially as follows (Click the links below to learn more about the classes)

  • HIRE - The UMass Chan Recruiting & Hiring Process, Diversity in Hiring, How to Onboard and Engage Your New Hire, New UMass Chan Functional Competency-Based Job Description Model 
  • MANAGE - How to Manage Employee Performance and the Corrective Action Process, Applying the New UMass Chan Performance Appraisal Tool and Preparation for 2018 Employee Performance Reviews     
  • COMPLY - Understanding Leave Management Including FMLA/LOA/Parental Leave
  • DEVELOP - The Key to Leading and Developing the Talent on your Team

Audience: Existing managers at UMass Chan; New managers at UMass Chan (access online version of training)

Prerequisite: Modules should be taken in the order sequence as listed above


Timeline: Training program will launch Spring 2017

Contact Information: For more information about upcoming classes, click here.