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CWM Client Relationship Management 101 Series Training

External and internal work relationships are critical components of an institution’s sustenance and growth. The success of an institution can be greatly impacted by how an employee’s personality and attributes are presented during interactions with others.

Commonwealth Medicine (CWM) developed and implemented a CWM Client Relationship Management 101 Series Training to provide employees with client relationship management strategies and tools to help them as they engage and communicate with others. This course teaches the basic concepts, theories and CWM’s approach toward client relationship management. The series is also available to any UMMS employee or student. Please see below for a summary of the training and links to access it.

Module 1: Client Communications

The Client Communications training module will help you understand the barriers to client communications, and provides solutions to overcome those barriers. You will review how to choose the most appropriate communication channel for the message you want to deliver, and understand the structure of the five-step communication process. The module also shares information on how to use questions to improve communications. To learn more and access this training, click here.


Module 2: Client Relationships

The Client Relationships training module will help you recognize the "Old Myths" and "New Realities" in Client Relationship Management. You will review the levels of your client relationships and become familiar with simple phrases and techniques to increase effective conversation. To learn more and access this training, click here.


Module 3: Conflict Management

The Conflict Management training module will help you identify the conflicts you have faced and study the five causes of conflict. You will learn about the five conflict management styles, including the overall benefits and possible overuses of each style. To learn more and access this training,  click here.


Learning Methodology

The trainings use a blended approach combining content delivered online and live through manager led sessions that may be offered as stand-alone sessions or during regularly scheduled times such as staff meetings. The format of the modules provides a forum where participants can exchange ideas and learn from each other's strengths in terms of Client Relationship Management and communication strategies.