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For Managers and Employees - Employee Relations

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 Below is a summary of our services and resources for Managers & Employees:

 For Managers & Employees:

 - Consultations: Employee Relations is available to both management and  employees in discussing workplace issues. We can assist in policy interpretation  and help both employees and supervisors to think through  available options for  addressing situations and approaching work-related conversations. We provide coaching and mentoring to managers and employees. You can learn more about our Employee Relations consultation services, our facilitated conversation counseling, and our training programs.

- New Hire Onboarding Services: Employee Relations provides support during the onboarding of new hires. We will consult management and new hires during this “probationary period” and support the communications between both parties about what is going well and what needs improvement.  We check in with employees during their probationary period as well as their managers which provide the foundation for discussions regarding effective training opportunities for skill development, as well as regular, accurate feedback regarding work performance for new hires.