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Technologists Retire

Two retirements from the University campus were recently celebrated; Cynthia Carelli, RT(R)  Diagnostic and Flouro and Tom O'Malley, RT(R) Diagnostic. Cindie Carelli retired in the Covid period 2020 and Thomas O’ Malley retired May 2021.

Deb Pellegrino contributed the following insights:

Cindie started in 2002 and was the dedicated adult fluoroscopy technologist for the past years. She was very compassionate and caring toward her patients and coworkers. Cindy played a huge role in helping to educate the residents that passed through the fluoroscopy area. She decided to retire in February 2021. We all saw her at both her and Tom O’Malley’s shared retirement party and she looked great and was enjoying baking with her grandchildren.  

Tom started in 2006 as a radiologic technologist assistant, then shortly after as a registered technologist. Tom was so very compassionate and friendly with his patients, his caring personality always made the patients feel at ease. Tom worked in all areas of the diagnostic radiology department and was always willing to help a fellow technologist. Tom retired in April, sold his house and bought a 45 foot sail boat that he, his wife and their two dogs are living on. Being an avid fisherman he is enjoying his time thoroughly but misses his work family, who by the way visit him regularly!

Cindy and I worked closely in Flouro together for a number of years. She was a highly skilled professional, and always found a way to provide a bit of help that I wasn’t expecting. Because of the Covid shut down I never did get a chance to say goodbye and thank you. Please do it for me if you have an opportunity.

Tom O’Malley too is a great guy. Definitely a stand up sort of fellow with a steady pleasant temperament and he too will be much missed. 

Dr. Ferrucci

Tom O'Malley, RT(R), Tasneem Lalani, MD and Cynthia Carelli, RT(R)
celebrate Tom and Cindy's retirement