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New Billing Program Change Team

Hao Lo, PhD
Hao Lo, MD
Randa Mowlood
Randa Mowlood
Steven Beaudoin
Stephen Beaudoin

On May 1, 2021, the Department of Radiology completed a six-month long process of transitioning its professional billing operations from APS Medical Billing to UMass Memorial Health physician billing. This multi-departmental effort was lead by project manager Caroline Hanrahan, orchestrating representatives from UMass Memorial Medical Group, Information Systems and Central Billing Office, amongst others. Max Rosen, Randa Mowlood, Steve Beaudoin and Hao Lo presented the Department of Radiology on the project Steering Committee. With this change, Radiology joins all other UMass Memorial Health clinical departments in its professional billing operations, facilitating alignment with organizational financial goals. Added benefits include more comprehensive charge capture for interventional radiology services, improved native EPIC billing and administrative dashboard functionality and increased continuity between clinical and billing operations.